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Love love love Charlotte! I wanted it with our last baby but Dh vetoed it (not that it mattered, it was another boy anyway ). I think it's beautiful, and very suitable for an adult.
: To everything Awaken said.
Well I talked to a friend whose daughter will be going into 2nd grade, and she said that she thought my DD would be just fine. I need to call the school and ask about the testing though. When I went in to register, the lady said that she would be tested, but didn't tell me when. I should have asked then, but I had my two younger with me and I must have been distracted. Thanks for all the input, interesting to see everyone's opinions
I've been doing Waldorfy HS with DD (turned 7 in Jan.) for 1st grade this year. For lots of reasons we are choosing to send her and her brother to public school this fall. DS will be in K, and I'm trying to figure out whether I should push to get DD up to PS (high, IMO) 2nd grade standards, or to put her in 1st. She is just starting to learn how to read. She gets frustrated easily if she can't read the word right away, and wants me to do it for her. Math concepts...
Mine didn't change even when I logged out and back in again.
So, why is it that I'm not seeing anything new? I just have the same three 'skin' options from the menu...
Add me to the dying to know list!
I have the Knitpicks Options set and LOVE it! A good friend of mine has the Denise set and loves it too. I think either would be a good choice
Wow, I've never heard of registration fees for a public school!
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