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I have some sort of stomach bug, and stupidly took several doses of Pepto Bismol tablets without first checking if it was safe (and of course it's not recommended).  I've probably take 2-3 doses over the last 36 hours, so not much.   I have a 4 week old and am looking for some reassurance because now I'm worried.
So I have a question of the ladies who have had this issue.   My first daughter I had to use a nipple shield so although I had a forceful letdown, it didn't really affect her because she was draining the milk from the reservoir of the shield.  We dropped the shield at 11 weeks and by then she was able to handle the letdown easily.  With her, I started pumping once or twice a day to start building up a freezer stash for when I went back to work when she was around 6...
I wish I didn't *have to* work, but no, I don't wish I could be a SAHM.   I don't think I would be happy doing it, and that would end up reflecting on my parenting and my children would feel that.  
  Baby girl was born last Thursday, 1/20, 8lbs 6oz.  I had a tear, the midwife said more than a first degree tear, less than a second degree tear.  Baby came out sunny side up.  I've been up and around, with some pain and discomfort, but not much.   The swelling I had in my labia immediately following the delivery is gone, and was gone pretty quickly.  But the swelling of my perineum still seems pretty significant.  Of course, I had stitches, so it makes sense that...
Actually that's a lot of what we do.  I can't speak to the policy's and actions of other agency's around the country, but in my area and not just the agency that I work for, this is absolutely a focus.   Of course, we don't call it self-soothing, we call it coping skills, and we focus as much as possible on the development of safe and appropriate skills that help with yes, self-soothing, among other things.
Little girl arrived early this morning!   Labor kicked up last night, about every 5 minutes for a minute, and strong but weren't really progressing (although I was at 5cm).  Went into the birth center, and asked the midwife to break my water.  Baby girl was born a little less than two hours later!   8lbs 6 oz!   So those braxton hicks/prodromal labor will eventually lead to baby!
26 months ago I gave birth in a hospital based birth center.  No IV, no episiotomy, intermittent monitoring.  No pain meds, etc.  The environment was supportive, positive, and encouraging!  It is possible!   I plan to give birth at the same birth center any day, if only the last 5 days of contractions kick into active labor and this baby decides to show her face!
Some of that sounds like me for past four days.  I am 38w6d right now (first kid was born at 39w exactly).  The last four days?     Saturday: 12 hours of contractions, anywhere from 2-20 minutes apart. 5 hours worth of contractions 5 minutes apart, but very short and not too intense (but definitely painful).   Sunday:  Nothing   Monday: From around midnight and then the whole day, contractions, but always irregular, some painful, some just a strong sense of...
I labored at home for about 3 hours, until I started to feel a little unhinged and decided to head to the hospital.   I was at the hospital for 6 hours before my daughter was born.  She was born in a hospital based birth center.  I had no IV, was on the monitor for the first 15 minutes I was there, and then monitored by doppler intermittently.
Nope, you're not that odd.   Apparently while it's somewhat rare to have that kind of reaction, it's not unheard.   When I was trying to get pregnant this time around, I took EPO by mouth for several days and was completely convinced that I had the stomach flu for those couple of days until I looked up possible side effects, saw what they were, stopped the EPO, and the symptoms went away.   But I'm just about 39 weeks now and have been using the EPO every...
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