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Normal.   I had it two years ago with my daughter and I have it now (36 weeks), and I've have it for the last week or two.  
Honestly, the over the belly panels these days are nice.   The secret fit belly panels sold my Destination Maternity and even Gap are comfortable and not easily visible under clothes.  They will also easily fold down if you want them below the waist.   I have a couple of under the belly pairs of jeans, and had to stop wearing them several weeks ago.  I carry low and those panels simply do not stretch enough to not be painful on my lower belly.  I have several brands,...
When I wasn't sure if my water had broken with my daughter two years ago, I read a suggestion online to lie down for 30 minutes, and then if there is a gush or trickle upon standing back up, it's likely to be your water having broken, rather than having peed yourself.
Have you tried to take a shower with her?   For awhile my daughter was fine with a bath until it came time to wash her hair and then she practically had to be held down in order to get it washed, and that was only once or twice a week.   So she started taking showers with us and that helped her a lot.  Now she takes showers half the time and baths half the time (she's gotten much better about having her hair washed).
Why not try Acupuncture for awhile and then if it doesn't work on its own, try it in conjunction with Clomid.   I would consider setting a timeline for how long to try the Acupuncture and then turning to more traditional treatments if you don't see progress.
I don't think that anyone is dissing OR dismissing Britax seats.   However, there are several seats out there that are *just as good* but cost considerably less, and are likely to last longer, which means that people are getting more for their money.  If you prefer a Britax seat, that's fine, and doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with them.   FWIW, in my opinion, for a long time, Britax was the best game in town, and now, well not necessarily, but they...
My first was born at 39 weeks exactly.  It was a Friday.  My last day of work was the day before, and then shortly before midnight the contractions started.   I wish I could take some time off before this one comes, but it will be unpaid time off AND will start the clock on my 12 weeks off, so I'd rather work until the very very end.  Once she's born, I will be able to have 10 of my 12 weeks fully paid.   Luckily, I work in an office of 9 other very supportive...
Huh.   I've had that First Years Gate in two areas of my house for the last year.  One at the top of a steep staircase.  We've never had any problems with any part of it, and my daughter is ROUGH.  It's never even come close to opening based on someone kicking, pushing, shaking, etc.
I like the First Years Clear Swing gate, although it can be used as a pressure gate.  Otherwise it would have to be installed/drilled in the doorway.  I have a climber and it doesn't allow her to gain any purchased to even try to climb it.   http://www.learningcurve.com/product/detail/Y4996D2?locale=en_US
My daughter is two now, but I'll tell you what we did.   The first 11 weeks, she co-slept with us.  She generally woke up twice between 11 and 6-7 to eat and then went back to sleep with no problem.  At 11 weeks we transitioned her to the arms reach co-sleeper because I was so stiff and in pain every morning.  Also around that time, we started a bedtime routine (took about 30-40 minutes(, as I was getting ready to go back to work and needed us both to have a more...
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