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they all look the same to me? am I missing something??
yeah my dd had pinworms. the other children, did not complain of any itchiness. they can travel to the vulva usually at night. look at her poo.
we eat fish that has been in the frezzer that long. My Dp gets alot of salmon for free. anyway yeah i will defrost it before I bury it :)
dd is 7 months old now. I have had the placenta all this time. what should I do with it? what can I do with an old placenta.  yes they let me take my placenta after my c/s. i had a great midwife.I was thinking of planting a tree or bush in my mother in laws yard. I was thinking of eating some of it... I have been feeling really down. anyone know if its too old to eat? and should I let it defrost before I buried it? it would be neat to look at it again.
hi, I was in the DEC. DDc, but Jade was born on Nov. 19 Th She has been a blessing to our family since she was born. She is singing, and "talking" and has rolled over a few times. I can't believe how fast time is going. oops shes awake.   this is the only pic. I had on hand. thats my 7 year old sneaking in for a pic too!!
thank you so much!! I really needed to hear all this. I have called the mental health and talked to the crisis person. I am going to start some councelling. and there is a support group that I am going to check out. It seems that the more I talk about it the better I have been feeling. I 'll let you know how it goes. I still feel very tired, and over whelmed. my mom is coming to stay for a couple days tommorrow. I know it sounds like a good thing but reallly, my mom...
thank you for responding. I am on meds already. you know your user name is my lo's name and your sons name is our last name. It is kinda cool. lol I need some sleep, and just some nice healthy food and teas and a bath..... I have been really neglecting myself. I am going to call the mental health tommorrow
Well here Iam again. I really thought I wouldn't get it. I had it very bad with # 1 and with # 2 but not with # 3 I really felt good after he was born. My baby is almost 3 months old. I have been having really awful thoughts. I can't control them. really awful stuff pops into my head. I can't control it. then today a new thought, it really scared me. I have one friend that I was telling I was having a hard time. I did not tell anyone else. Today I told my boyfriend. He...
are they sure that is what happened? if you hcg is going up doesn;t that mean your still pg? i never seen a heartbeat @ 5 weeks. I wouldn't be so quick to take anything. i have a friend who went to have a d&c but they told her the baby was already gone so she went home to misscarry, but 5 months later she was still pregnant.
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