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Just had to chime in.. YES you can get a passport with a birth certificate OR ssn.. gotta get a the record of no record and requires a birth affidavit.. http://www.travel.state.gov/passport/get/secondary_evidence/secondary_evidence_4315.html   Birth certificate & SSN can be gotten at a later date...   With the passport they can vote.. most states you cant get a drivers license without the SSN. You cant claim them on your tax return without the SSN.. health...
Grace Johanna Leigh was born Monday March 12th at 2:01 p.m. 12 hour labor, 20 mins. transition to birth. No tearing this time, just a tiny skid mark! =)  Baby was born in the caul with a loose cord looped around her neck. Another amazing birth all around. My longest labor though, didn't expect that. Everything is perfect. =)   Well except for these awful after pains. Haha. The babymoon continues. <3   'And He said unto me, "My Grace is sufficient for Thee, for my...
updated... first round of lending went off without a hitch. anyother ladies need to borrow any of these let me know.
aww! adorable! congrats! got the books back today im so happy everything worked out!!
i don't have any experience with this.. but for peace of mind, you may want to consider UC'ing in a hotel room near a hospital? i really feel for you.. it's awful how after one cesarean women in many states lose the option to attempt to give birth naturally..
the placenta out and wombstringe both have shepherds purse.. and youve got the motherwort too (only thing that worked for me with after pains) rescue remedy.. rescue remedy.. nothing to kick labor up if you get stalled? i see the placenta out has the black cohosh, but you wouldnt want to be using that before labor with the shephards purse in it... oh. and i didnt see anything about a bunch of plastic sheets... i just buy the shower curtains at the dollar store,...
heres the cheat sheets.. http://s292.photobucket.com/albums/m...C%20documents/ and heres the pdf for "emergency childbirth" http://www.umbrellanoize.com/stuff/E...Childbirth.pdf i had both printed up in a binder for DH... was his study material. lol. and great to have on hand while the birth is happening.. =)
my opinion is yes, he needs to know. there's great labor cheat sheets that used to float around here... lemme see if i can dig them up.. if in labor you need assistance, its nice to have someone else familiar with what to do in case you can't exactly tell them how to help (labor itself can make your brain not want to work, lol, let alone if there's any shock/trauma added to the situation) believe me, im not trying to scare you. lol. and i have full faith in your...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dahlea I'd love to borrow some of these-I'd happily pay for shipping to me as well! It's a very generous offer. absolutely. let me know which ones and we can figure it out.
cherish that support!
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