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I labored and birthed on our bed. I had planned to use a pool, but my labor was way too quick and it never made it out of the box!
I think it was a combination of everything.  We ended up taking her in and she had a UTI.  Whether it was the cause or the result of the peeing, I don't know.  Things have been better after a course of antibiotics though.
My DD loved the swing, DS not so much.  It's really useful for naps when they're teeny tiny.  The motion really helps ... we have a Fisher Price three-position swing that we love.   My mother swore by A&D.  We used Boudreaux's Butt Paste with DD and only a bit of coconut oil here and there for DS.  I only use it when they look red or rashy,
I forgot - we had a phase where she wouldn't use more than two squares of TP after accidentally flooding the school bathroom in preschool.  That was yucky.    But yeah, I don't know how her undies are getting soaked.  We've all drip dried from time to time, but this is a serious amount of urine and so it's smelling.  Bad.
Ugh.  My DD always had a fairly good handle on potty habits until this school year.  Now I'm finding that she isn't wiping when she goes pee.  She's lying about it on top of that!  Just today she excused herself from the table to go to the bathroom.  Two minutes later she's out - I say, "Did you wipe, flush, and wash your hands?" as a reminder, but mostly because it's plainly obvious that she didn't flush or wash her hands, and when I go into the bathroom there's no TP in...
So we went in for vaccinations, which he had no negative effects from at all.  Barely even cried, nursed for a few minutes and then was back to making googly eyes at the nurse.    I did ask about his cough and she said it didn't sound bad enough to make an appointment for - "use the bulb syringe for his nose, humidifier, etc"   This week the cough is worse and he's getting a runny nose.  Blech. 
Sounds like a cold.  I had one a couple of months ago that was like that - I'd be fine during the day but by bedtime I was miserable.  Elderberry and extra vitamin C helped us, along with a cool mist humidifier.  Try taking her into the shower with you to loosen up the mucus.
The pediatrician's office seemed very huffy that I even wanted to wait until he had recovered from influenza, and even more huffy that I asked which vax were typically done at the 2 month visit.  The pediatrician herself didn't seem to mind either way.   I'm going to see how tonight goes (usually when he's more snuffly and coughs more), he just doesn't seem to be particularly sick, but he doesn't seem to be improving much either.  And now I'm reading about bronchiolitis...
I cancelled altogether because of the weather. It's set for Thursday at 2 now. He's been fussy and doesn't want to be put down much these past couple of days.
My DH does the patting, but DS is on his back, so he pats his chest.  It works like a charm for him, not so much with me, I'm not sure if it's not vigorous enough or what.  You might try it even though your LO is rolling. 
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