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Hi Mamas! We moved to Tacoma this past Spring. I live just south of downtown, fairly close to Lincoln Park. I am really looking to get out and meet some other mamas who think out of the box, as we mothering mamas tend to We go to the Main Library once a week, and the Broadway Farmers Market each Thurs.... I'd be game to go to LLL if anyone knows of one that is more in my area. I rely on Public Transportation to get around so going up to Wheelock is a bit of a stretch...
a big hug for you my love ... im not sure that not noticing let down automatically means your supply is lessening, but I imagine that at 38 months that is the way things are going. He's definetley still getting some milk and lots of love though! take care.
http://www.shipstore.com/SS/HTML/SEV/SEVSP60E.html this is the pool i used, it's pricier than the fishy pool, but totally worth it imo. it is deeper and very sturdy, i was able to lean on it with full weight, with no prob, as was my dh who is a big guy. The floor is padded which is a nice bonus, espesially if you end up laboring on hands and knees as i did. we used a bucket to fill and drain, and it really wasn't a big deal at all. hth!
this is the tub i used with dd2 http://www.shipstore.com/SS/HTML/SEV/SEVSP60E.html it is AWESOME. I leaned on the side with all my weight at different points, and no problems at all, even my dh who is six feet and 250 leaned on it to test it out and there was no issues. the padded floor was a life saver since i labored on hands and knees for the last few hours. i know you are liking the fishy pool, but just wanted to throw this in the mix i am very very pleased...
I love the Disana as well. We use a tie diaper, toddler prefold, and the biggest hemp stay dry doubler I could find (http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/...#nightdoublers) This system has served us well for the last year (since she was six months old) no leaks! and she is a night nurser extraoidanaire!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kundalini-Mama Congratulations!!! thank you!!
We have some boys names picked out, but nothing is settled yet, and knowing us we'll change our minds towards the end anyways Since we have two girls allready, more girls names are going to be really hard for us.
I have been feeling flutters the last few days too It's wonderful, isn't it? I felt my last baby move at about this time too, 9-10 weeks. First baby it was more around 12 to 14, can't exactly remember right now.
bumping... I'm pregnant now (Surprise!) and still dreaming of twins... Those of you who have birthed now, who had twins?
thanks littlebrowndog!
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