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Just lurking here to cheer on kewpie! stick little ones stick!   I also been having a bit of baby fever but right now it's a really bad time and my rational side says that 2 kids is the right number for our family, still my hormones don't believe me and every time I see a little baby I want one sooo bad.
Just lurking here. Love all the sweet baby pics. I think IVF must be extra cute or something.   WE are all good just super busy. My kids are gigantic I can't believe how fast it has gone.   Here is a recent-ish pic of my little people  
Aura congrats! They are so beautiful.
Blue that pic just put a big smile on my face. he's such a cutie.
He is SOOO beautiful blue. Sorry about the bad stuff.  
Congratulations blue!!!   What a lovely name.  Welcome to the world little guy.
Congratulations rcr! It was about time for your  BFP!
Happy due date Tear! Can;t wait to see your little guy.   Blue what a cute boy. I wouldn't worry to much about the size. we got a couple of conflicting u/s. The doc did do a U/s before my c/s to check for positioning and in that one the weight was the exact weight they were born with.   Rena Colin and Sienna are so adorable.   Hi to everyone I'm cheering for all of you pregnant ladies.   AFM we are doing very well, this past year has been really fun....
We have a city select that we used from birth. Love it. I thought I would ditch it for umbrella strollers pretty early but nope I love having a full size stroller even now.
Sorry I've been MIA life has been really busy. Ive tried to write a few times but these little people always demand my attention before I have a chance to write anything.   Deborah I'm so sorry. life is so unfair. I hope everything goes as smooth as possible with the adoption.   Can't wait to see all new babies :), i;m cheering for you all.
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