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Hi everyone,   We were super busy with the stores so I've been MIA but I've been reading on the phone its just  from  a pain in the butt to post from there. i hope everyone had a great holiday.   Deborah Congrats!! glad to see you here!   Blue I love the u/s pics what a cute little guy. Can't wait to see him.   Belly what does a sleep doula do? I'm interested in some kind of sleep training that does not involve CIO. My kids still wake up several times at...
Rena! they are so adorable and those eyes  I feel I could stare at them forever.   Aura Glad everything is well. I hope you get rid of the yeast infection fast!.   Blue Can you believe you are 21 weeks? Hope you had a good thanksgiving even if you had to stay at home.   Kewpie  your little ones are just the cutest. I always say that I don't think my kids like to be twins. I think  so far they just see each other as the competition. If I leave them alone to...
Tenzin No nanny, DH does help a lot with them thank god. We padded and put a gate around an area in the back room in the new store so we hang out there when we need to. Still some days it feels like I bit more than I could chew specially now with the holidays. Natural pregnancies after IVF seem pretty common, something about pregnancy fixes you or something. I hope it happens for you.   Rcr Nice to see you I still lurk on the other thread and I'm rooting for you.
Oh that sucks about the old machine my obs office also had a "bad" room but I always asked the nurses for the good one.  He is a cutie though!. Are you getting a 3d done?   We did open up a new store a couple of weeks ago I forgot to mention that.   Here is our new store       And we hired a tiny salesman  :)
Yay A healthy little boy!!!! does he have a name? do you have any pics to share? Love all the abby pics!   Hope I cnat believe you are so close to the end. I hope you get some relief.   My back was horrible on the third trimester. And now is starting to hurt again since my 2 like to be held all the time.   Tenzi I hope you catch an egg the old fashion way :)   Rena How are the babes any new pics hint hint!   AFM We are finally Homeowners for the first...
Yes my guess is BOY!!, I I'll have to wait not so patiently until next friday then :). That's a big day for us too is when we finalize and get the keys to our new place. We have one of the cribs side carred to our bed and one of the babies sleeps there and the other one in the bed with us. If we had more space I would put one crib in each side of the bed. Both babies sleep way better in their own space.
Blue I can't wait to hear! today is the big day right?   I don't have a lot of time right now but I'll try to comeback tonight and catch up.   I do have time to add a cute pic of my little ones  
Kewpie Love the pics what a couple of cuties. I see Liam is getting hair. My guy is still pretty bald but Lucia started to get hair as well but just on the top of her head.   Blue Man that sounds frustrating a hell as you going to stay in the oral meds?   Tear Yay for boy I have never gotten pee in my face but the other day he managed to pee in his eye lol. Is this your last babe?   Hope WHat a day. Tomorrow HAS to be better :)
Aura I won't lie twins is hard work but totally worth it. Sometimes I do wonder how different things would be if had only one baby.  There are some things I wish I had done differently to make our life easier but what's done it's done and now you have all of us here with twin experience who you can ask questions to :)   my girl woke up will be back later.   Here is some proof of the teething :)
Aura congrats!! welcome to Twin mommyhood.   Vegan your little one is so precious and your other DD is gorgeous as well.   Blue 15 weeks!!! My allergies were horrible during my pg nothing that was "safe" worked, but they actually got much better after the babes were born.   Tear I'm betting for boys for you and blue!   Tenzin I'm 8.5 months pp and no AF in sight I hope she  stays away as long as possible.   Quick AFM. I've been MIA but we are ok, just...
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