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Aww, love miss Abby, are you doing any training before the baby comes, we did a bit with our dog because she didn't seem to like kids, so far she is very good to them she  licks them clean whenever she can :)
Lila we had extremely low counts as well the worst  one was 29. The embryologist said they had everyone in the lab looking for good sperm to ICSI my eggs on the day of my retrieval.   From that cycle we have our amazing twins. . After my first IVF the RE told us we had a 5% chance to conceive with Dhs sperm so we did a couple of Ds IUIs. We then changed REs and he told us that as long as there was some sperm we had a good shot. We had our BFP on our first try with...
Oh what a little cutie.   Love the boxing hands.
Blue my intuition was 50% right I thought I was having 2 girls.   Oliver had eggs too and he was fine, they kept wanting me to send DH home with him so he wouldn't catch what Lucia had nevermind that he forgot how to take a bottle and still wakes up one million times a night to eat.   I guess we don't know it was the eggs for sure but 1 hour after dinner she started throwing up, so I'm betting it was that. i'm not willing to try them again for a while. I sure...
Blue Good Luck Today!!! Love the idea can''t wait to see the pic.   Rena nice to see you is Sienna doing better now that you cut out  dairy?   Praying You are having a girl right? My little one is Lucia and I love her name. I'll lend it you :)   Vegan can;t wait to see your little one but I hope she stays there till 40 weeks. I have a friend that had a baby at 41 weeks and the difference between her and my little 36 weekers was gigantic. Even though they are...
You are not a bad mom, you are feeding your baby and that's what matters formula was invented for situations like this. With that said I know the feeling of not being able to feed your child enough, I supplemented my babies in the first few weeks and everytime I fed them a bottle of formula I felt there was something wrong with me, even now my babies are in the 15% and I wonder if they are just not getting enough.   Anyways, formula is food try not to  worry about it.
Blue I ate everything even sushi I started super being super careful but by the middle of the pregnancy I just ate whatever I wanted.   Vegan do yo have everything ready? did you pick a name? . I can;t believe you are almost done.   My babes having a bath :)  
Thanks Carlyle I love to munch on those little cheeks.  
Well that makes me fell like crap. I visited my girl about two hours every day. I was recovering from an emergency c section, was still dealing with high blood pressure and had another newborn to take care of. She is  definitely the one that wants to be held more and only wants mommy. I guess what's done is done it's not like I can go back in time and visit her more.
WOW 20 oz You are my hero lol. The max I ever got was 4 oz. I did get sick of pumping around 3 months or so. I had a PIS and it worked well for me.   As far as formulas yeah read the labels I know Similac organic is sweetened with sucrose so we stayed away from that other than that I think all the milk based formulas are more or less the same. We used regular similac and never even finished 1 can.
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