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Blue, I think you'll be able to fly with no problem, I'm sure your RE just wants to make sure everything is progressing well.
Sounds like good news to me.I think it's normal to just see  yolk sac in the beginning of the 5th week. My re doesn't do u/s before 6.5 weeks to make sure he sees a hb. Have a fun trip. Is it for work or vacation?
So exciting can't wait for the   u/s results the little bean will be in my thoughts all day. Hopefully you'll see a little heartbeat flickering away. FWIW I didn't get any symptoms until 6 weeks or so but I hope you feel yucky today. And I'm sorry to tell you the worry doesn't end after the 8 months you just find new things to worry about.
Blue Again so so happy for you guys, hopefully you get everything figured out fast for the intralipids and the other stuff.  I don't think the flight would be bad if you are up to it but your morning sickness may start already by then and I can't imagine being stuck on a plane for such a long flight while feeling like crap.   Belly I tried everything for the eye infections, eventually he just woke up one day and his eye was clear, I think that all they need is a...
I can't imagine trying to bathe them at the same time. We do one first and then the other one.
OMG Blue Congratulations YAY YAY!   I cannot believe my eyes if anyone deserves a MIracle Baby is you my friend   Now hte jumpers  
I know my babies are on the early side of the DDC but can you believe half a year has passed?   What are your babies up to?   My babies are sitting up bu themselves, pulling up and my boy is really close to crawling.   Here is a pic of them with a cake grandma bought them for their half birthday.  
Belly does she have a clogged tear duct? My son has that he had a constant infection on his eye. It's getting better now. I have dealt with people favoring one kid over the other it drives me crazy. Right now my girl has some serious stranger anxiety so everyone is more drawn to Oliver snce he s a bit more social and yeah it hurts my feelings.
Rena that reminded me of when my kids were tiny. I was almost done pumping and Lucia woke up. I was wearing a hands free pumping bra so I just disconnected the tubing and went to get her I leaned over to pick her up and I spilt all the milk on top of her. At that point I just mixed a bottle of formula and gave it to her. Then I crawled  into bed and stayed there until DH got home.   I think is pretty normal for one breast to produce more than the other for me the...
I'm super behind too   Rena 3-5 oz is not bat at all. If you wanted to get more you could pump more often but I understand not wanting to be tied down to the pump in hindsight I wish I spent more time with the babies and less time with the pump. Time is precious and they are only little for such a short time. I had a blocked duct once it was very very painful it sounds like you may have thrush I hope it's clear by now.   Belly it sounds like you are doing great....
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