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Oh Rena the  are so cute Colin looks so skinny next to sienna. I think the pictures are worth it. They are only that little once right?   I used the avent shields because I had those on hand and they worked fine.  I never got to try anything else though so I don;t know if there is anything better out there. Another thing that I got was this thong...
Rena Congratulations They are absolutely beautiful.   Welcome to the world Colin and Sienna!   It's way too early to worry about bf issues, I wouldn't even take herbs or other stuff since is so early and your supply may drop if you try to get rid of them. Find a good LC for a consult and supplement if babies are hungry, My milk was late coming in and we supplemented with formula fr the first 3 weeks or so. The most important thing is let the babies nurse as many...
Rena thinking of you can;;t wait to hear how it went.   Lol blue we caught one of our employees at the store stealing money while we were away and he was denying it so I uploaded a video and sent it to him. I'll post a cute baby one to make up  for it :) How is miss Abby girl? You are never far from my thoughts.ws about tthe u/s   Belly great news about the u/s  how much are they weighing right now?   Lyndi what a cutie!   The babies are 4.5 month old and...
I;m back home and catching up on the thread.   Rena hopefully your birth will be as smooth as possible and we get to see some cute pics soon!   Belly tell those girls to hang in there for a little bit longer.   Deportivo Congratulations
My kids are interested we have given them breastmilk popsicles and they love it we are probably going to start at 5 months with a bit of fruits and veggies here and there.
My twins 4 months old
Just checking in really quick I'm still in Canada with  limited internet access.  We will be going back home on the 13 the visit was fun but I'm ready to go home now.   Rena sorry about PUPP that sounds miserable hopefully you can get some relief.  I can't believe we are going to have Rena-babies soon.   Kewpie love the pics of your little ones how big are they now?   DHs cousin is a photographer and took some pics for us here are a couple of them    
Sorry I've been MIA I'm in Canada visiting DHs family and it's a pain to type from my phone. Yesterday I had a long reply posted but lost it grr.  I've been reading and keeping everyone in my thoughts.   Tenzin Gorgeous baby Congratulations!
Blue I'm so sorry oh how I wish things would have turned out  different life is so unfair.
Blue fingers crossed for a very sticky embie did you thaw both of your embies? I had a 10 cell on my first cycle the embryologist said it was a  very good embryo.   My babes ended up catching my cold poor little things were so snotty they couldn't eat and breath at the same timem thankfully we are much better now.   My girl is screaming  I'll be back later.
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