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Oh rcr I'm so sorry your little embie didn't make it. I was so sure this was your cycle. I'm glad you are peace with moving on. I'm a big believer in changing clinics. If you look online there are tons of stories of peoples with tons of tries with one clinic and they get pregnant on the first try with another clinic.   Lyndi add me to jealous club. I have 30 ozs in my freezer that I got with a lot of hard work. I'm usually only able to pump between1-3 ounces. Do you...
Kewpie they are so freaking cute,  what's their weight now? they look so big. I've been meaning to take videos of my kids it just seem they don't do much yet but I want to remember what they are like when they are little. I'll send you a pm I would love to see your little ones   Tenzins I have lost many posts it drives me crazy especially when I type them one handed and it takes me like half an hour to write a post. I'm so glad you are feeling a little better about...
Oh crap rcr I'm so sorry. Don't feel like you have to process everything right away take your time.  I'm sure whatever decision you make it will be the right one.
I need to lose 18 pounds to be in my pre preg weight . I gained 66 pounds dropped the first 48 fast but the rest is hanging on.
Blue Time actually has flown by.  I wish I could slow it down.  I'm stalking you in the other thread I'm really hoping you get your miracle baby.
Thanks guys! I think they are the cutest babies ever but I'm a bit biased.   Rena YAy for no GD boo for headaches are you keeping an eye on your blood pressure?   Belly better safe than sorry did you get to see the babies? Was the sharp pain like pelvic pain? I had a pregnancy belt that really helped with that. But yes definitely rest more.    
Praying welcome. Hopefully you'll get to see a little heartbeat   AFM My babes are 8 weeks old! They are smiling and cooing and growing way too fast        
Deborah I'm so sorry. Mythoughts are with you and your Dh.   Rena you are beautiful. What a cute baby bump.
deborah THinking of you and your family today.   Lyndi she is beautiful congrats! My twins were born at 36w2d also   Rena I hope you get to see your little ones and hopefully things will slow down at work I can't imagine workig that hard while being so pregnant.   Bely how are you? .how are your girlies doing.   rcr Hi fiingers crosssed for this cycle.    
Oh no  deborah what happened? I'm so so sorry. You and your DH are in my thoughts and prayers.
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