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I've had clients who were with UNC OB/GYN that had family centered cesareans.  Because UNC is really focusing on being mother/baby friendly they are much more open to family centered cesareans.  With that said, it was not necessarily the easiest path.  It helped that I was there as the doula, mother was insistent and thankfully each time the nurses have been more than willing to help and be advocates as well.   The one recommendation I always give to clients, is if...
I'll be there but don't know what time.
Sorry to totally usurp the the locale. I am open to other places. I just didn't want to object without alternative. It would be great to see pearl2 and I was also wondering if cadensmamma might be able to join too.
North Cary Park and the twins don't get along so well right now. They (and I) loved it a month ago and I'm sure we will fall in love again next month, but right now it is the second level of hell for me. Ok, slight exaggeration, but they seem to be at the age where that park isn't safe for them. Can I suggest Carolina Pines Park off of Lake Wheeler Road (just off of I-40 near the State Farmer's Market)? The address is 2305 Lake Wheeler Road, Raleigh. Since it is so...
I'll call it B&G - Tomorrow it is! Green Level Gourd Farm ~9:30ish I'll probably also do it again (another farm) next week my MIL is in town so iif anyone misses and or wants to go again let me kno
I vote another day. How about playdate next week?
How does Ritter sound to everyone? We need a park with lots of SUN!!!!! I am in denial that it is no longer summer. You know it's NOT 55 degrees in the morning and a low of 47 tonight. We didn't skip past our 80 degree days. It's all a figment of my imagination.
OMG...you ladies are all so sweet. I had a great time!!! Thank you for coming. I'm happy to host on rainy days.
I was holding out hope that it wouldn't rain, but at 80% last night...here we are. I've PMed everyone my address. If I missed you please send me a message and I'll send my address. See you this morning.
Quote: Originally Posted by SeekingJoy April, you are welcome to stop by my house first and follow me there. We are in. Ditto April. You live like 2 seconds from me. Infact I can swing by and "pick" you up after I drop G off to school, you're right by there. You can caravan with MommyKrista and I.
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