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Thinking of all you mamas still waiting.  Last time I went to 41 w 4 days I remember how long those last couple weeks seemed.  ds was in no rush to make an appearance and he's still the most mellow and relaxed kid I've ever met!
 Sasha-- I was going to respond to your earlier post but got sidetracked... I am truly in awe of you for pumping around the clock plus caring for your little guys! I started giving mine a couple oz of formula each day when they were still dropping below their birth weight and showing signs of dehydration (uric acid crystals in their diapers, only 1-2 wet diapers per day... they were becoming increasingly weak and having trouble staying awake to feed). dh and dd enjoy...
Yay!  Wishing you all the best Annette!  
  hi ladies!  this is my first time posting a post-partum update.   My boys were super sleepy throughout their first days. At the hospital their weight loss was still fine (they were 6 lbs 5 oz at birth) but after a day at home they continued to lose so that they were down to 5 lbs 9 oz.  They were still passing dark, tarry stools and had clear signs of dehydration (uric acid crystals when they did pee, only 1-2 wet diapers a day).  I couldn't believe how sleepy they...
What an incredible story.  I also teared up reading how  he responded to nursing. Congratulations on your beautiful boy  
If your friend's twins share a placenta, her dr will probably tell her that delayed clamping of baby A will take away blood from baby B... the flipside they don't mention is that this also logically means that premature clamping should cause extra blood (which should have gone to baby A) to remain in the placental circulation and go to baby B (a kind of acute twin twin transfusion scenario).  There isn't a lot of research on what's optimal for monochorionic twins but to...
Congratulations mama and welcome August Henry! 
Aww you're such a strong mama. I was crying all through the third part of your story-- what a beautiful testament to your husband.   Congratulations on your little girl! 
Congratulations! What a great name!
My little guys were born Tuesday at 38w 3d.  We're all doing great!    Jackson William and Calvin Christopher both 6.5 lbs, 19.5 in born 11/16 at 1:05 and 1:29 pm   Here's a link to the birth story (vaginal, no drugs and fast but intense): http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1280075/my-boys-are-here
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