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We are expecting our forth baby...and have never used a crib or pack n play...but I got this with my 3rd and it was handy for those moments you need to put baby down for short periods (and naps occasionally).  http://www.diapers.com/p/fisher-price-rainforest-friends-newborn-rock-n-play-sleeper-835871 
I'm not vegetarian anymore, but with my first and second pregnancy I had only brought fish back in at the time.  I had no problem getting enough protein with eggs, fish, legumes, nuts, quinoa, greek yogurt, and the occasional protein shake. I now eat grass fed beef, but limit dairy, so I still try to be conscious of a ball park daily amount since I'm not a huge fan of meat still.  When I was really diligent with tracking with my first pregnancy though, I didn't find it...
This is my third time nursing through a pregnancy...though I don't plan on continuing this time. Well, I don't think so anyway ;)  I tandem nursed twice before, but since my little guy is a full year older at this stage than my other two were, I feel good about fully weaning before the fall.  He'll be just shy of 3 when this new baby arrives.  We're down to just nursing at nap and bedtime (my initiation, but he's fine with it).  Very little milk.  There has been virtually...
Very cool!  Hope you're back to feeling well soon!  
Where are these hives/bumps located?  Look into PUPPS.  May not be related, but check it out ;)  
Wow! Heidi, that sounds amazing (and challenging).  My great grandparents lived their whole life on Grand Manan Island, are you familiar? It's off the coast of Maine, technically New Brunswick, in the Bay of Fundy. I only visited once (back in 1996, before my great grandmother passed), but I can relate to the ferry experience ;)  My mother was born in Maine (Eastport), and she grew up in NH. I on the other had have lived in Las Vegas, NV for the last 15 years...though my...
I'm so sorry to hear this!  I too had a missed miscarriage - last fall - I found out at 14 weeks as well through an u/s, though I knew something wasn't right very early on.  Growth stopped VERY early in my case, but I too had a D&C (I waited until 17 weeks).  Lots of love and light to you XOXO
So, so sorry.   
I'd be open to a fb group...perhaps after October/November.  We may want to be careful about transitioning too early.
Love and light to you mama025 <3
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