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I had a mmc this last fall...didn't find out until 14 weeks! That was my first scan. No visual signs of baby though. Huge yolk sac, SCH, and gestational sac, otherwise empty. Baby must have stopped growing VERY early on. Ended up with a D&C at 17 weeks. Hoping to wait until 20 weeks for my one and only scan like I did with my first 3 babies. I feel a good amount of symptoms for only being 6 weeks, so I'm hopeful. Big hugs to you all during this difficult period.
Do what YOU want. I personally make it public right away (all 5 times). Yes, I did end up miscarrying once, but I'm glad I had the extra support and I personally think it's good for people (esp women) to talk about it.  Just my 2 cents.  :)
So excited too SierraBella!
Ashlee Baby #4 EDD 10/24
I have 3 beautiful children...ages 2, 4, and 6. My 4 the pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage this last fall. I finally had a D&C at 16 weeks.  We waited 3 cycles since then and got pregnant this 4th cycle (though we were still preventing!) I must have ovulated earlier than normal.  EDD Oct 24. Excited :)
My first 3 were home births...standard doppler use, and one u/s at around 20 weeks.  My 4th pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage (didn't find out until I requested a u/s at 12 weeks...I *knew* something wasn't right...the whole pregnancy felt 'different' and I started spotting non stop at 11 weeks).  The u/s showed an empty sac (which was helpful emotionally), but a large yolk sac and large SCH.  After waiting an additional 4 weeks without officially miscarrying, I...
Oh, Banana!  I just happened to check in today and saw your post at the top of the threads.  I am SO sorry.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Thank you for sharing your story though.  I have yet passed any tissue (just spotting the last few+ weeks). I have a D&C scheduled for Wednesday morning.  I have been struggling with whether I should just wait it out longer or go through with the procedure...I'm okay with waiting, as I have already waited almost 3 weeks since I...
Hmm, my first was very long and exhausting, yet I was in fantastic physical health/shape (was almost 27 yrs old), my second and third were extremely fast and "easy" (1.5 hrs start to finish of active labor).  Even with 3 children ages 4 and younger my recovery was quick with the last one (I was 30 yrs old).  We'll see how I feel with our fourth - I'll likely be 33/34 when that happens  ;) 
Thank you all for the love and support.  I tried the blue/black cohosh protocol yesterday....nothing.  No cramping or bleeding.  I've been in contact with my midwife obviously and a trusted OB who reassured us that there is no risk in waiting it out, no "time line" to follow as long as I feel okay.  So I have an appt for Oct 9th with an different OB that I like/trust who's on my insurance plan.  We'll evaluate things then and likely schedule a D&C if I haven't progressed...
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