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You can add me to the loss group Selissa.  Thank you.  I'll be thinking of all you lovely ladies!  
Well, my suspicions were correct.  This pregnancy has been "different" from the start :(  There was no heartbeat, no absolute sure sign of baby really (just a questionable fetal pole of about 3.2 mm), which implies that the baby stopped developing around 5-6 weeks.  The yolk sac was huge though...it kept growing.  Irregular gestational sac and a large hemorrhage adjacent to gs.  The full report from radiologist will be sent to my midwife today probably.  Continuing my...
I'm 14 weeks now...having a u/s tomorrow afternoon (wasn't planning on having any during this pg), but I need some peace of mind and ideally an explanation for some continued spotting.  I spotted briefly (very light) at 7 weeks and 9 weeks.  Didn't really worry me, but last Sunday and Monday I had a small "gush" of brown tinged fluid soak my undies.  No cramping or pain, but a little achiness in my uterus.  Anyway, nothing for a few days, then Friday I started spotting...
^ I agree.  Not too early at all (unless you feel like you'd rather do a more "challenging" class for longer).  Great way to connect with your growing baby and other mamas for sure! 
Welcome ladies! 
Yay!  Welcome!  What a great surprise! ;) 
I too have experienced the highs and lows of tandem nursing.  I've tandem nursed twice.  The first trimester and the third trimester of pregnancy can be hard (and a bit painful), but I continued mostly because the toddler wasn't ready to fully wean and they were not quite 2 yrs old (my personal "goal") when the next baby arrived.  I only tandem nursed each toddler for 6 months after the baby was born.  I would start to get the "creepy crawling" agitated feelings when...
Wow, happy it's being treated, but I'm sorry your plans have changed! 
I've never had problems taking New Chapter Prenatals or the Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatals daily. 
I must have missed this post!  I'm in!  It's late tonight though...I'll have to write mine out tomorrow :) 
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