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Well, my brother and his wife had their baby yesterday morning, and my husbands sister is at the hospital as I type - dilated to 7....so I'm getting a little impatient (they're both local) :)  I have baked all my babies until at least 40 wks though...so it may be at least another week or two.  Last night I was so restless though and had non stop BH.  Guess it's always possible for today ;)  Have a great holiday US mamas!  
  Getting closer!!!  38 w 3 d
Increase your protein, salt to taste (make sure you're getting ENOUGH), and drink lots of water!  Also, make sure you're in your calmest state before/while taking your BP :)  An easy way to increase protein is to buy the "Naked" brand protein smoothies (or make your own with whey protein and fruits).  
Rustydaisies - I've heard about clove oil a number of times for toothaches - do some research.  Maybe worth a try! 
jesusfollower- sounds like your body is getting ready!  Of course that doesn't mean tomorrow necessarily... ;) but definitely Braxton Hicks/cramps/contractions are a movement in the right direction - and possibly a sign to slow down a bit.  I would suggest changing your activity when they begin (or rather if they get painful/more frequent) so you can adequately gage whether it's just pre labor (a good thing) vs preterm labor (obviously you want to wait another few weeks...
Jeninejessica - I drank RRL tea daily with my last pg, and although she didn't come until 41 weeks (and I had my midwife do a membrane sweep that day), I had an extremely short, effective labor!  An hour and a half from first real "contraction" to having her in my arms!  Huge contrast from #1 - which was a day and half total (long, but not too atypical of a first baby).  So this time I have been drinking 3 cups of Yogi Tea's "Mother To Be" tea daily (first ingredient is...
Oh, my 2nd spit up so much I finally just resorted to having STACKS of burp cloths and bibs around.  I got SO TIRED of changing her outfit and mine literally 10x a day that I got really good at using bibs and unfortunately the wood floor to catch the huge volume.  We're talking  30+ huge spits a day!  I felt like I spent all day cleaning up after her!  Exhausting!!!  
Totally depends on baby!  Less spit ups and blow outs obviously means less laundry.  I'm the type that will keep baby in the same sleeper until it's dirty (a good full day or two if I can) unless I need them to be in something "cute".  Staying clean for a long stretch is rare, but I like to avoid unnecessary changes when it's cold, and why go through more laundry than I have to?  My babies are usually really fat too, so "outfits" just don't seem to be very comfortable....
AveryLamb - I didn't have any BH with my first (that I could notice).  Started with consistent, light contractions at exactly 40 weeks in the morning...had him the next afternoon at home  :)
Congrats!!! Eager to see pictures as well ;)  Enjoy your Babymoon!  x2  
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