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Yep, my nipples were sore around ovulation and menstruation (had two periods before conceiving my daughter - baby #2)...so my son was 13 months when my period returned and continued to nurse through my second pregnancy. At first I was convinced it was thrush...but it was just hormones. I don't think it's uncommon for your supply to dip around ovulation/menstruation...and of course during pregnancy. Your little one will likely nurse more in effort to get more milk...
Anya arrived Friday night (41 weeks) Jan 29th at 10:38 pm. She was 9 lbs 3 oz 21". The two weeks before her arrival seemed to take FOREVER, but I was blessed with a super short labor and second beautiful home birth -- 1.5 hrs total (quite the opposite of my 1.5 days of labor with my first). My sister who is a midwife in training arrived 10 minutes before Anya came and was able to catch her! The senior midwife arrived 20-30 minutes later. I had only been home for 30...
Yay! There's hope...we had the same due date...but I'm still waiting Enjoy your baby!!!
Love Eleanor. Our son would have been Eleanor had he been a girl.
I had great success with the Target nursing tanks (son was born two almost 2 years ago). I lived in them - seriously. When I got pregnant this time around I was disappointed to find out they had changed the tanks a bit ("side sling" vs "full sling" aka two separate holes). NOW they offer BOTH styles (online and in stores - select colors). I prefer the Full Sling - but just wanted to let you all know they give you the option now!!!
Did nothing with first babe - fell off within days. Will do the same (nothing) with #2 (just sponge bathe the rest of the body if necessary).
It depends on if your pediatrician has a preference I think. The first go around we waited 3 weeks (would have gone longer probably) but we were concerned about a cold/congestion - so we figured it would be a good time to go meet the doc, etc. We don't vax, so we've only gone when we've had a specific concern/reason over the last 2 years. My midwife does basic newborn checks for the first 6 weeks or so anyway. I say use your intuition! We don't have a specific time...
Yay! That is so exciting! I'm grateful that my midwife has 2-3 pools (the option of using it is included in her regular fee). I've heard they are quite pricey! We do have to provide our own hose - so thanks for the RV suggestion - but she provides the disposable liner for the tubs.
I do think that if you start out with a lower weight/BMI it is natural and preferable to gain on the upper end of the "average" (35 lbs) plus some... With my son I gained about 37 pounds total, and no one would believe it ("I was all belly"), and it came off REALLY fast. This go around I am less active and perhaps eat more liberally - I am already up 30 lbs at 30 weeks - so it looks like I'll be gaining more with this pregnancy (seeing as 2 lbs a week has been a norm for...
I remember feeling hiccups regularly down low with my son - and he was definitely head down. I'm not confidant that this one is done "flipping" yet I'm 28 weeks
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