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Oh, I taught my regular classes until I was 8 months pg with my first baby.  Over the years I was fine with pregnant women in my regular class...I'd give them modifications, etc, but often they knew their boundaries and could choose alternate/favorite poses when we did something contraindicated.  I'd say give your regular YMCA class a shot for sure!  Just bring some extra awareness on your part and let the teacher know before class.
I've been practicing since '97 and started teaching in '99.  I've taught Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, Power, basic, and even prenatal!  I currently just practice at home and haven't taught regularly in a few years.  I'd recommend just listening to your body and making a few adjustments to your practice.  Definitely tell your teacher (I remember attending an advanced class at the studio I taught at when I was about 4 months pg with my first - so I wasn't showing much - but the...
Yay, beautiful Beckily and Selissa! 
So, my cupcake, that brings your EDD to the very end of March, right?  :)  Glad to hear that all is well.  I've been tempted to get an u/s too...but haven't.  I had this really odd dream that I went to Dr Harter's office (FYI - cupcake and I know of each other in real life - live in the same city - some mutual friends)...I ended up going home because the office was busy and weird Lol.  
I did the Bradley Method with my first (12 week course).  My sister taught it though and it was in her living room...only one other couple Lol.  Totally worth it.  Especially for my husband (even though he is very self-directed, likes to read, and open minded...he still recommends the series to new parents) ;)  I think learning about the stages of birth and the high protein diet were some of the things I really liked.  Maybe purchase the Bradley book on Amazon?  It's a...
keep them comin'  :) 
and your uterus is like "oh, yeah...I remember this, here - BAM" lol
Yuck, I hate headaches!  I had the second bad headache this pg yesterday.  Glad it's gone today.  Big hugs! 
Thanks.  Yes, I'm hoping that it's just from this being number 4, not that we're having twins (I haven't had any u/s)!  I have shown bigger/faster each time...but looking back on bump pictures from #2 and #3 I'm a little scared! My belly didn't look this big until 17-20 weeks with the last two.  It took forever to look truly pregnant with my first though. 
This was taken in the evening a couple days ago.  Yes, I'm purposely wearing what I wore in my 6 week picture ;)   10 weeks.  4th baby ;)    
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