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I've made RRL tea (or the Traditional Medicinal or Yogi Tea Pregnancy teas that have RRL) daily in my 2nd and 3rd trimesters of my last two pregnancies.  Those two labors/deliveries were FAST...like 1.5 hrs start to finish of active labor.  Coincidence?  I don't know, but I'll be drink it again ;)  Oh, FYI Selissa - Lemongrass is CONTRAINDICATED during pg.  I learned this after researching my Yogi Ginger tea blend I usually drink.  It has lemongrass and licorice in it...
more virtual hugs mama  
The back acne!  Yikes!  The pimples/bumps are mostly small, but cover my back and upper shoulders :(  Face isn't too bad - but my back has been bad from the start!  Boobs don't hurt at all...but the last few pg have been different since I've been nursing too (actually a whole cup size reduction due to less milk).  Bouts of nipple pain/sensitivity, yes, but no breast soreness.  Since this is my 4th I'm showing quite a bit for 9 weeks.  I love the growing bump - I like...
  I'm nursing my 20 month old.  He nurses all the time!  During the night still too...it's about time to night wean (for my sanity). I used this gentle protocol with my first two (they were a little younger though - ds1 at 18 mo and dd at 16 months). http://drjaygordon.com/attachment/sleeppattern.html  I wouldn't be sad if he self-weaned around his second birthday (December)...but I'm prepared to tandem.  I've tandem nursed twice so far.  We'll see!  
((big hugs)) 
Hugs mama!  I'm 8 weeks today as well.  8 days ago I had very light, very brief spotting.  It's hard not to over think things, especially since I NEVER spotted at all with my first 3 pregnancies...no bloody show prior to labor or anything!  So this felt foreign, even though it seems common.  If I have other concerns, I may do u/s, but at this point I'm just waiting things out.  My midwife (also my sister) has switched from doppler to fetoscope this last year, so it's...
I'm 8 weeks today.  First pg that I haven't had food aversions (yet?)...typically by this time pizza and burritos are the only things that sound good.  I've been able to eat pretty much anything without any problems.  It's nice, but also a tad concerning.  I do have low grade nausea that comes and goes in waves (usually just when my blood sugar gets a little low).  I'm grateful that I've never thrown up in any of my pgs, but kinda wishing I had stronger symptoms since...
big hugs! 
Lovely bump Selissa!    Totally cute way to announce, peaceful mama ;)
I've always had winter babies (Feb, Jan, then Dec).  All 3 are completely unvaxed. I've never had a baby with any respiratory distress/sickness whatsoever (beyond a stuffy nose), so I'm not too concerned this time either.  Trust your gut.
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