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Yep!  My oldest is 5.5 right now.  He'll be starting Kindergarten this Fall...well, we're homeschooling, but you get the idea :) 
I know of a woman who use to live here in Vegas and was a fitness competitor (2x winner Ms Fitness USA) and dance performer who has a baby wearing fitness program and ironically had twins her second pg.  I just found her YouTube page (lots of twin baby wearing videos and exercise stuff too).  http://www.youtube.com/user/asobisport?feature=watch   Google Asobi Sport or Sarah Harding.  I just watched this one...so cute....
I did buy some Aden and Anais blankets (those lovely thin muslin "swaddle" blankets that are so versatile) for myself since I was buying some for my sister a couple weeks ago.  She is quite a minimalist but just had her 5th baby a few days ago :)  They are so soft and nice.  I can't think of anything we NEED though.  This is the 4th baby in 6 years lol 
My symptoms are pretty mild, but my belly seems large to me for only being 6 weeks (granted this is my 4th baby)...my mom is a twin though!  Congratulations!!!  :)  I'm not sure how I'd react either lol   
7 weeks tomorrow.  Horrible fatigue and headache yesterday.  Woke up last night to put 3 yo DD back in her bed at 1a and went pee.  Noticed some light spotting (pinkish) while wiping.  Nothing since.  I've never had ANY spotting with my other pregnancies. No headache today...nausea isn't too bad yet.  I don't have bad food aversions yet either.  Hoping is stays mild, but if I remember right with my last 3 it usually peaks for me around 8-10 weeks.  Otherwise looking very...
oh man! UTI's are horrible.  I had a few maybe 10 years ago...and have never had one since.  Have either of you used D-mannose as a preventative?  Works wonders. I haven't used it in years, but I always keep it on hand - also safe for children and easy to take in water. Check it out!
This will be our first time not doing the standard 20 week anatomy scan.  Also, no dopplers...just fetoscope  ;)   
4th baby, 4th home birth,  I'm a fan! ;)  I hope you all can find a midwife that works for YOU!
alillemore - hoping the best for you!
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