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My brand-new SIL (my brother's wife - both in their early 20s) is due with their first child 2 weeks before me, and my SIL (husbands little sister) just likely conceived their second baby (their first was born 10 days before my last baby)...I love having a large family that lives in the same city (both my side and husband's side). All my children have at least a couple cousins within months (if not weeks/days) from them! 
Well, looks as though I jumped the gun thinking possible m/c.  I believe those early faint lines and initial digital "not pregnant" read was just due to it being too early (I must have ovulated later than I thought).  I've had darker positives and a digital "positive" since my scare last week (and obviously no bleeding/cramping, signs of m/c).  Anyway, my heart goes out to anyone on that emotional roller coaster (past or present).  It was my first time in doubt and it...
Well, I'm still getting a positive on the sensitive test strips (it was a *little* darker today)!  Staying hopeful...it may be that my first faint positives were just super early (if my cycle was longer than 28 days, and I ovulated later than I thought...it's possible as every other cycle tends to be 31-34 days for me).  Trying to wait it out a little bit ;) 
Great news Tigerchild!  I'm in the other boat.  Feeling sad.  All my home pg test (sensitive strips) are not getting darker (been the same over the last 4 days).  There's still a second line, but it's always been fairly faint.  Took a standard digital Clear Blue test last night and it read "not pregnant".  This is my very first possible m/c.  I'm preparing for the worst, but it's just hard not knowing.  At least it was a very early loss...just waiting to bleed :(   
minor correction, but my name is spelled Ashlee ;)  thx
Dishescanwait, that sounds very comparable to prices here in Vegas!
Yes!  I used Dr Jay Gordon's Method with my older two.  DS1 was 18 mo and DD was 16 mo...it went much better than anticipated with both.  It's hard for a few nights, but this method is as gentle as it gets and is SO worth it!  http://drjaygordon.com/attachment/sleeppattern.html
It will vary SO MUCH.  But with that said, I've never paid more than $2800 total.  That's about as low as you'll see it, but the range can be between $1,800-$5,000.  My sister has now finished her apprenticeship and has her own independent practice, so I'll be paying less this time! We have full insurance, but gladly pay out of pocket.  Home birth is SO worth it!!! ;)
Congratulations everyone!  I just got a positive this morning!  EDD 3/24/14...baby #4.  We'd love to have another girl.  So far we have a son (5.5 yrs old), daughter (3.5 yrs old), and son (19 mo).  When this new baby arrives we'll have a 2, 4, and 6 year old ;)  All my babies have been born at home.  My sister is now practicing midwifery on her own (she has attended all my births, but the first one she was still apprenticing).  Last two births were so fast (1.5 hrs),...
This will likely be our first time waiting until birth day!  We found out the gender with our first 3 babies at our one and only u/s around 20 weeks.  Thinking we'll hold off on all ultrasounds and dopplers this time (both use questionable sound waves) ;)  My midwife's stance has changed over the years and now only uses a fetoscope for listening to heartbeats.  Here's a quick reference page for anyone interested in learning...
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