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oh, and we've always told everyone right away.  I'll likely wait until tomorrow to make it "public" though...we just found out today ;)
I told my 3 and 5 yo over lunch today...my 3 yo daughter got this big smile and said, "mom, I want to hug you"  <3  My 5 yo got this huge silly smile! 
Just wanted to chime in here regarding nursing a toddler while pregnant/tandem nursing.  This will be my 3rd time doing so!  There are pros/cons for sure, but it makes the transition easier for the toddler IMO...just a little hard physically for mama at times (sore nipples in 1st/3rd trimester and easily feeling touched out).  My youngest is 19 months now (my other two were younger though - first child was 15 mo when I got pg w/#2, and 2nd was 13 mo when I got pg w/ #3)....
Just got a positive test this morning!  It's very early, but I knew I was likely pregnant due to my extreme nipple soreness and milk supply dip (nursing my 19 month old) and other mild symptoms...this will be the 3rd time nursing while pregnant (assuming he doesn't self wean - my other toddlers did not).
I'm Ashlee, 32 yrs old, expecting #4 EDD 3/24
Philothea, I just saw that you're tandem nursing.  I have tandem nursed through my last 2 pg and then continued for 6 months after the baby arrived (I initiated the weaning both times when toddler was about 2.5 yrs old).  There lots of pros/cons... :)  I did night wean each time a couple/few months into the next pg as milk decreased...that went much better than expected.  I'll go into detail if you need (used Dr Jay Gordon's method - as gentle as it gets).  Anyway, my...
I'll join the DDC when I take a test in the next couple days...strongly suspecting I'm pregnant.  This will be baby #4  :)  Due late Feb, hoping for March 1st Lol...since I already have a Dec, Jan, Feb baby.  Gotta keep the pattern! :)
The icon eating popcorn just means "watching for replies too" I think.  I haven't been 100 paleo, but have switched over more that way with this 3rd baby (while pregnant and now nursing - he's 13 months now).  As long as you're getting enough calories it won't be harmful at all in my experience. I've felt the best this go around and that's saying a lot considering I have 3 children 4 and under with two 6 month periods of tandem nursing.  I haven't gone a day without...
Hello Ladies!  If you're missing the activity from this due date club please request to join us in the private fb group created for our December 2011 Mothering group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/224822710947916/
Welcome!  This group is really active on facebook right now (not sure if you're interested), but it's a private group and you're more than welcome to join!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/224822710947916/     How did you find Mothering.com?   Hope your shoulder heals quickly...that certainly makes wearing a baby more difficult.  I personally love my Ergo.  I've had it since my first son was 10 months.  I use it everyday.  Currently I wear my 6 mo ds on the front...
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