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Fill in the blank Hi! My name is _____. I am ______ years yyold. ______ and I have been together for ______ years. We have _______ kids and ______ pets. If I was at my favorite restaurant right now I would order _____ but we will actually be having _______ for dinner tonight. When I work for pay I ______.When I am home with the kids my favorite part of the day is _____. My hobbies and interests include _____, _______ and...
  Swimming at his "weaning party" (2.5 yrs old)
Don't worry...they didn't ride far or fast  :)
  Having fun with daddy while camping last year in Utah!
  First day with no training wheels!  He did great..."just like Daddy".  4 yrs old
  Helping daddy plant some grape vines :)  Anya 2 yrs old 
It's been really quite around here...come join us for more day-to-day interaction on facebook if you haven't yet https://www.facebook.com/groups/224822710947916/  Hope everyone is enjoying their sweet babies and their blossoming personalities!!!
      I agree with the advice above!
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