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Guess: Boy Appointment Date: 10/26 Its a... I am not sure if we are going to see the gender in our next appointment, but I'm fine either way. My guess that this is a boy is based on the very different pregnancy that I'm having, but this as well may be due to the fact that I am 4 years older now DD thinks it's a boy, everyone else thinks this is a boy.. We'll see!!
you started pretty early trying to get them both to sleep!!! what will you do in a few months/years?
I think myself as being a lazy mom... I am still breastfeeding my DD (3 years 10 months old), although now she is starting to wean by herself. I found it super easy to breastfeed her and go wherever I wanted without carrying a bag full of stuff. I wore her in a sling, put a disposable diaper in my pocket, and off I went! She woke up at night so many times..I slept with her by my side, I just rolled and gave her my breast. I went back to work when she was 3.5 months old, so...
I didn't know anything about proper nutrition when I conceived DD..It wasn't a very healthy diet, but I craved salads and potatoes like crazy. Now that I have read so much about nutrition (with or without pregnancy), I have followed a more healthy diet for 8 months before second conception. Now my cravings are mostly meat and fish, but I don't know the gender of the little one yet! I'll wait and see if the diet actually played a role in my case!
I think my supply stopped before i got pregnant, but this didn't stop at all my 3.5+ years old DD She still nurses the same way as before, i.e. 5 secs on each breast when she goes to sleep I ask her if she drinks anything and she answers in a very confusing way: "no i didn't drink anything, but this (breast) has milk and this {the other breast) has milk too!!"..go figure out what she means I don't mind at all, i would prefer if she kept it like this until birth and...
boiled egg, cheese (local types only, e.g. feta) and nuts. Fruits like peaches, grapes, watermellon, figs for sweet treats. Homemade chocolate from tahini, raw cholocate powder and honey, spread on whole wheat bread. I'm trying to keep it low carb, as much as possible. We enjoy these snacks together with my DD.
Me neither... i was never afraid of regular flu (being or not being pregnant). There are so many natural remedies, I'm sure that I can find one if i need it (oranges for vitamin C are plenty here..).
I think its the same measurement whether is fasting or non-fasting blood sugar. You know the truth, because you know if you ate prior 8 (i am not sure about this) hours before the test. 120 immediately (or not after 1 hour) after something that causes blood sugar elevation (eating cereal, drinking juice, or the things you did) I think it's ok.
Oh yes, thx!!! (what are you doing up so late? )
The link does not work. Can you fix this? (oh well, I'll have to wait till tomorrow to read these stories, due to time difference..)
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