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I would strongly encourage you, at the start of your baby's very first pediatrician visit, to have a conversation about what to expect with your doctor.  That will give you the opportunity to hear what your doctor's standard of care is--assuming he/she tells you everything--and let you state how you want the under-diaper checks to go.  Make sure to offer the information that he pees just fine (if this is the case).   My experience: at the hospital, every doctor who...
You may want to check the CIRP's library for info.  http://www.cirp.org/library/pain/ contains links to articles that talk about pain and pain control.   As for circs performed without anesthesia, this is the most recent article I've seen: http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/content/full/101/6/e5.  It's from 1998.  If you're interested in more anecdotes, here's a thread where circ pain was discussed:...
 My 6 mo had his first ear infection last week.  We thought he just had a cold since he was snotty but not fussy, and the infection was found at his 6 month WBV.  Our pediatrician told us we could wait it out for a few days.  I had him checked six days later, and he had cleared it without antibiotics.
 For those of you mamas who gate-check a stroller, do you also gate-check a car seat?  Like the OP, I'll be flying alone with a 7-month-old, and he'll be on my lap.
My guess is it would be the same in those cultures as how we refer to "intact" females here in the US.  I've never been referred to as intact, natural, or uncircumcised, but I guess all are correct.  If I was in the company of a group of females who had had that particular surgery, I would probably be referred to as "uncircumcised" since the altered state would be the norm for them.   I would think there would simply not be a need to have a special term for uncut...
 I made ~40 two-layer cloth wipes out of flannel and sewn together with my sewing machine.  We got a wipe warmer as a gift and keep some wipes in there with water only.  The wipes are 8" x 8" and fit in there folded in half.  It works well!  I wash the used wipes with my diapers and have never had a problem.
Quote: Do little girls also swell up down there due to diaper rash or infection?  It's been a while since I changed a girl's diaper...
Unless you agreed to ghost-write for her, what she did is plagiarize your words and is unethical.  Maybe I'm just snarky, but I believe I'd submit another testamonial that talks about her writing "skills."
Quote: Agreed.  I have never asked anyone if they're circed or have/will circ their kids (other than my sister), but friends have brought it up since we had our son.  I guess they wanted to share their "wrestling with the circ decision" stories with someone who's been through it. 
Quote:     Here are some peer-reviewed studies you may want to look at regarding the anatomy of that chunk of skin (and muscle and mucous membrane):   http://www.cirp.org/library/anatomy/taylor/  (Note: has some pictures of penises used in the study) http://www.cirp.org/library/anatomy/sorrells_2007/
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