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My husband has been so wonderful and has created this great raised planter for my vegetable garden. Here is that catch, it is an old Aluminum boat. He got the idea from a friend, and I hadn't given it too much thought, because I was just excited to get a place to plant. But then a freind cautioned me about oxidation of the aluminum. I know that there are issues about Al in food and cooking products. I was feeling okay about the soil and planting, because I didn't think the...
First conratas to you for being such an understanding mama and give yourself a break. We can't always be the best mom, but we can be good enough. I'm sure you will get through this. I would also reccommend talking with him, see if he has anything to say about why he doesn't want to go in the potty or what he would prefer. Children can be incredibly insightful and often surprise us with simple solutions.
I am applying to graduate school and I need help editing my essay. I haven't been in school for 7 years. I have deleted some names and stuff to protect my privacy. Any help is appreciated. TIA I have come to think of my adolescence as some of the most formative years of my life. I look at my priorities then, and what continues to be important to me today, and they are very much the same, education and activism. I want to teach and I want to use my influence as a...
I used the G diaper inserts inside my pocket diapers, while camping and traveling. I did not flush the liners but I did throw them in the trash, they do break down pretty fast. I thought it was a great travel alternative. I always struggle with wheater or not to use disposables, when i will not be doing wash. But this was a great solution for us. I would not use the covers because they seemed flimsy. But like I said the liners inside a pocket worked great.
In California, there is a box to check to excuse you if you are Breastfeeding. I've been excused for it 2 years in a row. You should not have a problem making a case.
If animals and animal activity animal fecces and digging in the dirt don't increase the chance of tetanus, then what does? The cdc web site link in this thread, says that ADECEL does not have thimerisol.
"You didn't need it and it probably had mercury in it. -Angela" That is really harsh! As it turns out I probably did need it. The puncture caused my entire pinky finger to swell up and I was having shotting pains down my hand and arm. In addition I have been spending a lot of time working in my yard preparing for a horse and also out at a ranch where the horse was being kept temporarilly. I wasn't sure where I was when I punctured my finger. Not to mention the...
I just wanted to day that I'm glad I found this thread. I just had a small puncture wound and received the ADECEL, I'm nursing ...oh baby is crying. I'll come back.
My daughter, 4.5yrs is partially vaxed. We stoped after she had a reaction around 18m. That is when I became informed about the dangers of vacinating vs the dangers of the diseases we vacinate for. I also have an 18m son who is completely unvaxed. My dillema is now over the tetnus vacine. We are getting a horse as a gift from my husband's uncle, for my 4 year old daughter. My understanding of the tenus bacteria is that is comes from horse manure. Please give me some...
My 18m son just had 6 caviteis filled under GA. It was a great exprience well worth the $1300.00 (750) just for the GA. I wouldn't do it any other way.
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