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I slept with my parents off and on until I got married, pretty much, Haha. I went to college hundreds of miles away, but when I came home for holidays I would usually spend at least one night in their bed. Also, my grandma slept with me when I spent the night at her house until I was a teenager. I did sleepovers just fine, sleepovers entail sleeping either in your friend's bed, or on the floor in a sleeping bag right next to your friend. I think if a kid can't sleep...
I'm late to the party and you've probably already found someone, but I just wanted to second the rec for heaven sent. They attended my birth and were great!
Yes, me too. I do think it's my brain preparing for the worst, just in case. I feel like I've never had so much potential for profound loss before.
Yeah, raw garlic minced into a glass of water is what I did so I could just swallow it. Probiotics also helped, eventually.
We went out for Pho over the weekend and Cady-Bear grabbed a bean sprout and immediately choked on it! Red face, not breathing. DH was holding him at the time and turned to me and said, "Chelsea, he's choking," and I just took him and did the baby heimlich without even thinking about it, it was unreal. The bean sprout came right up and he started laughing and was totally fine, but I was all jittery from the adrenaline for hours. I think maybe we'll lay off the pho for...
We've used thirsties duos from birth with our six month old, and cheap gerber prefolds as well as better ones. Worked great and now he's just about to outgrow them. I love the low rise. So trim and cute!
We do recreational bathing with either me or DH probably once a week, but I don't remember the last time we used soap on him. He's six months.
I just gave my Cady-Bear some celery to gum. I don't guess it counts as giving solids since more drool got on it than celery got into him, haha. SLEEP IS WEIRD. It just changes all the time. The new normal for the past couple days has been two 30 minute naps and one 2 hour one in between, and awake times have lengthened to 3 hour stretches. He's also sleeping 12 hours at night now (not straight through), and going to bed anywhere from 6:30 to 7:30. Weirdest of all,...
Here are some pictures of my baby in a tiny suit. It's my husband's album, let me know if you can't look at it. I suppose we'll start solids around 6 months. He's starting to get interested and tries to drink from my cup. We're planning to do BLW. All day he's been napping poorly and waking up crying. Now he's asleep on his dad. I dunno what the deal is, but I should sleep in whatever position I want while I have the chance!
My DH used to beg me to stop reading these forums because I would start obsessing over every little thing and thinking there was something wrong with me or DS. I think at some point I just stopped taking everything to heart so much? Maybe when I read the no-cry sleep solution and she says if she had it to do over again her kids would probably still be taking all their naps in arms until 1 year or whatever and you really have to evaluate whether stuff is actually a...
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