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When I'm out or at friends' houses, I feel really conspicuous whipping the boob out every 20 minutes for a 3-5 minute feeding.  No one has ever said anything, but I always feel like they're thinking, "She feeds that baby too much," or "She must not be producing enough milk if he needs to eat that frequently," or something.  I'm sure I just need to get over it and do what works for me and my babe regardless of what anyone else thinks.  I guess I was just wondering if...
DH and I are probably the most slovenly couple in America, and were even before the babe (4 mos.) was born.  We both wash our stinky parts with washcloths in the sink every day and only take real showers once a week or so.  I rotate my clothing (which basically consists of two pairs of comfy sweatpants, three nursing tanks, one pair of jeans and a few button-up shirts, plus a couple sets of cute pj's) almost every day, but nothing gets washed until approx. the third wear...
We put socks on and put babylegs over the socks.  Works well for us!
Have you tried good, old-fashioned prune juice?  A quart or two and plenty of water has never failed to get something going within two days for me.   I used an enema for my first PP poo, because it had been so long and I was really worried it would be rock hard.  Good luck!
Between feedings, so maybe that's it.  I will definitely try the things you suggested.  Thank you so much!
But I'm pretty good at punning unintentionally.   I have an Ameda Purely Yours and I can only get tiny drops!  I tried for ten minutes last night and seriously got a negligible amount - like less than half an ounce!  Is it possible I could get more with a different pump?  Am I doing it wrong?  Am I just not producing enough milk?     My babe (almost 4 months) is following the 10th percentile curve on the CDC growth chart for weight, which in and of itself is a...
My baby liked it at first, but for the past couple weeks he just stiffens his legs and won't let me fold him up to put him in it.  He'll be 4 months the 18th.
I know, right?  Maybe I should rub his nose in his dirty diapers, too!
Don't you want to be HEALTHY, MusicianDad?  It's hard to indoctrinate the youth and push the Gay Agenda if you're sick all the time.   And back on topic, my MIL told me that it's anti-feminist of me not to circumcise my baby, because I am exposing his future sex partners to increased risk of cervical cancer, which makes no sense for a number of reasons.  I replied, "How do you know he's going to be having sex with people with cervixes?"  She has a bunch of reasons...
Um, yeah, trans fats are fine for younger people, because everyone knows until you hit 30 your youthful stomach acid magically turns anything you eat into organic, grass-fed unicorn meat and rainbows, the healthiest things in the universe!
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