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I was really hoping/believing today would be the day for some reason, but I got nothin'. I cried at DH about it this morning and he comforted me. In a little while I intend to have some kind of salacious multiple-orgasm nipple stimulation oral application of semen extravaganza with him. If it doesn't help, it'll at least relieve some stress, right? After that we'll go for a long walk, then go to Cuppies & Joe and have some tea and a red velvet cupcake. I think it's a...
Every day I go past my due date, DH and I do something extra to prepare for the baby. We can only get more and more prepared, and our living space can only get cleaner and cleaner! I know I will miss feeling the baby's movements inside my body when the baby's outside, so I will treasure each one. I love when DH talks to my belly. Every single time, tears well up in my eyes and I just feel so much love for him and the baby. All these long walks have got to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by forumyonly1 i think if i were to have another baby i just wouldnt tell people when i am due... or tell them it's two weeks later or something.. Yes. If I had this to do over again I would definitely give a fake due date or just say "sometime in September."
Only my SIL, but apparently she is actually ANGRY with me for not having induced yet, at 40+4. She told DH on the phone, "That's really dangerous. There could be complications. Doesn't her midwife want her to induce?" He just laughed and told her that our midwife wants to wait for the baby to come out on his/her own. I mean honestly, it's not like I'm having any health problems, the baby's still moving around just fine, my blood pressure is normal, etc. I think...
40+4 today. I don't know whether to be happy that I'm not really feeling ANYTHING, since at least I'm not getting my hopes up all the time, and wishing I would feel SOMETHING so I at least know my body is actually getting ready.
The title of this thread needs to be sung to the tune of "Feelin' Groovy." I'm 40+3 right now and not really feeling much of anything except "This baby is so low" and some cervix twinges.
I don't really think the date will fade in the public consciousness the same way as, for instance, the Oklahoma City bombing date. I don't even remember the date of that offhand and my windows were blown out in the blast. The thing about 9/11 is that that's what it's called. It's never really been called the twin towers attack or anything. It's only referred to as September 11th or 9/11. But I can totally see it being a positive thing to have a baby on that day...
Poor Crafty! I cried just reading about how miserable you are. I wish I had more to offer than just
The 12th is really what I'm hoping for, although it's possible the kid will just grow up with comments about how close they came to being born on 9/11. That would just be obnoxious.
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