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Yep, those are the ones I have on my Audible waitlist.  Happy to hear the narrator is "terrific."   
I also struggled with The Fiery Cross and after several attempts to finish it, just gave up.   Honestly, that is also when I stopped reading the series.  I have contemplated going through the series again, because I loved the first four books and still think about the characters.  But, instead of reading the book, I'm thinking I will listen to them via audiobook.      
Every Day by David Levithan     I David Levithan.  He is one of my favorite YA novelist, along with John Green.  This book was great.  The story idea was so unique and different, I wasn't sure how he would be able to pull it off, but he did and enjoyed the ride.        The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater     I actually read this book in the end of last year, but was so in love with it that I decided to listen to it on audiobook, especially when I learned that actor...
The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker     I know this is a very popular, well-like book, but I couldn't even finish it... and I was listening to it on audiobook.  I found it so boring that I had a difficult time staying awake while driving and there was not a single character that I cared enough about to want to finish the story or try again with a book copy.   
Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn     Dark Places by Gillian Flynn     Really enjoyed both books... dark, gritty and a good amount disturbing.  Gillian Flynn is also good with surprising, unexpected endings.  Additionally, all of her characters are well-written and I find myself liking them more than I expect, especially the more unsavory characters. 
  I have this in my To-Read list, so happy to read a positive review.   Have you read his book, The Sandcastle Girls?  It's one of my favorites. 
Oh, and a bit illegal, but I am also able to get HBO GO through my Roku box and I use my parents' HBO subscription login information.   
My favorites:   HBO:   Girls True Blood Game of Thrones   Network:   Mad Men - oh when, oh when will you begin again?  Downton Abbey Glee, although I am really struggling with this season Vampire Diaries Revenge Sons of Anarchy Pretty Little Liars   Thank goodness they don't all play at the same time! 
I cut cable in February 2012.  We have a Roku box, which allows us to stream many different types of streaming channels, including Pandora for music.  It's an awesome little box!   The Roku channels we use the most, besides Pandora, are: Hulu Plus, which I love and can get most of my favorite network shows the day after they air, and Amazon, which allows me to purchase movies/TV shows that I desperately want to see NOW.  Although you can use Netflix on the Roku, I prefer...
With my ds, who is currently 9 years old, he initially started asking about how a baby got in a woman's belly, etc.  Slowly, with his growing development, influence of friends and insatiable curiosity, the questions became more about sex.  Around 6-7 years, he became a bit obsessed about naked bodies and sex.  It was around this time that I introduced him to the book, It's So Amazing!.  It's Not The Stork is a great start for the younger ones, ages 4+.  He still reads...
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