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It's important to remember the anger is a secondary emotion, meaning anger is the emotional reaction when a primary emotion (what we feel first) is triggered.  We almost always feel something else (hurt, scared, humiliated, rejected) before we get angry.  So, you might want to explore with her what is the feeling(s) that is triggering her anger and help her work with those primary feelings because those are the vulnerable feelings she is trying to protect herself from...
I am not a teacher anymore, recently switched careers, but I was for the first 7 years of ds' life.  For me, it was all about drawing firm boundaries (especially at work), putting self-care first and learning to be OK with not being able to do it all.   I don't know of any books, specifically for single working moms, as for blogs you might want to check out these links:  Top Single Parent Blogs & Top 25 Blogs on Single Parenting. 
I remember you too!  Happy to see you again AND happy to hear that all is great with you and your family!   
The Sandcastle Girls & Midwives by Chris Bohjalian Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn The Book Thief by Markus Zusak   SERIES:   Pillars of the Earth series by Ken Follett In Death series by JD Robb Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris  
The Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjalian     An absolutely amazing story!  Beautiful writing, all of the characters are so full and rich.  Additionally, it is great to be spreading some knowledge (or at the very least to acknowledge) a tragic historical event that is frequently denied and/or very rarely spoken about or taught in history.       
I highly recommend Dr. Ross Greene's The Explosive Child.    My agency uses a lot of Dr. Greene's priniciples in their residential treatment and TBS (Therapeutic Behavioral Services) programs.   And, I use a lot of his principles with my clients and their families.  All of my clients are CPS referrals (with some court mandates thrown in there) and have varying degrees of abuse/trauma in their history.  Oh, and I have also used it for certain issues with my own son. 
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn     Great book.  Lots of twists and turns!  Kept me guess until the very, very end.      The Boy Who Was Raised As a Dog by Dr. Bruce Perry     Tragic, yet wonderful to watch the transformation of better practices in working with child/adolescent trauma and abuse victims.  I am beginning research for my thesis, so I'm reading a lot of nonfiction on children/adolescent victims of trauma and abuse. 
I love that book!  Actually, I love most of Rilke's work. 
I've been a solo mama for 9 years, had 2 long term relationships during those 9 years and have met 90% of all the men I have dated online.  I was at 2 years celibacy until April.  Previously, the longest I had ever gone without was 6 months.  But, I made a conscious decision to be celibate for a year after realizing that my head, heart and body were just not in sync based on some bad choices I was making and how nasty I was feeling afterwards.  So, I wanted to take a...
  My ds is 9 years old and shares a room with me.  I have a very large bedroom though, so we can easily fit both queen and twin size beds in there with lots of room to spare.  I also live in CA.     Apartment complexes can deem how many people can live in an apartment and the 'general law' in CA is a 2 + 1 ratio (2 people per bedroom, 1 per living room), but it varies greatly with each complex.  And, unless the child is under the jurisdiction of the juvenile dependency...
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