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Sunday - Run-walk interval: 3:2 for 35 minutes, plus 15 minutes of extra incline walking.   
Wednesday - nothing (had a date) Thursday - nothing (had class)   Friday:  30 minutes, 3-min. walk/run intervals and walked on a 5% incline for 15 minutes afterwards.   Just started my period, so I was exhausted and bloated.  I really had to push myself through the entire workout.    
    That is absolutely AMAZING, Sren!!!!        What was it about the race that made you feel so anxious?    I did the half marathon as a fundraiser for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization and my running partner was the CEO of the chapter.  Without her, I don't know if I would have had the discipline for the training to do it.  It was A LOT of training and we motivated each other significantly.        
Tuesday:   2.75 miles (40 minutes) on the treadmill with a 0.5 incline with 3 min walk/3 min run intervals.     It felt great - not easy, but not too hard either.  It's strange, but it is like my body is remembering the rhythm of how to work efficiently while running.  Kinda cool!
Your school will determine the amount of aid needed to attend.  Every school has a general budget for their students, although you can speak with the financial aid office to adjust the budget for certain reasons.    Once the school receives your FAFSA and deduct what the FAFSA determines to be your contribution, you will be offered various grants (only for undergraduate, unfortunately) or loans to cover the remaining budgeted amount.     If you haven't done your FAFSA......
Can I join you?  I could really use the support and accountability.     So, I just signed up for a 5K run for June 3rd as a means to push/motivate me to start back on a running routine.  I haven't ran since my last 1/2 marathon, which was 2 years ago.    I have been doing a lot of hiking and incline walking on the treadmill for the past few months, although very inconsistently.   My weekly workout goals:   1.  Do a revised Couch to 5K walk/run combo, at least...
Subbing.  I'll be back, as I have 3 books about to be finished.
Chicken Soup for the Soul - Teens Talk Middle School Chicken Soup for the Girl's Soul:  Real Stories by Real Girls about Real Stuff Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul   *There are several others in this series too, but these are the ones I have used and recommended to my teen clients and with my teen girls.   33 things every girl should know:  Stories, songs, poems and smart talk by 33 extraordinary women by Tanya Holden   Be true to yourself:  Daily...
  I am so happy that Glee (who has a HUGE teen audience) covered LGBTQ suicide issues.  And, they handled the issue beautifully.  I had several amazing sessions with my teen (both gay and non-gay) clients because of that episode.   I could have done without the whole wedding crap, though.  And, I'm not sure what is going on with the Quinn and totally did not see that coming.      There were just too many drama filled storylines: Kowalski, Rachel & Finn's wedding stuff,...
Thanks for telling me what GCB stands for... I had the slightest idea!    Anyway, I watched my first episode this week.  I thought it was OK, but not something I would watch regularly.  I don't like watching shows where that type of meanness and cattiness is a central component to the storylines.      I do LOVE Kristen Chenowith, though, so I imagine if I am sitting around with nothing else to do, I'd probably watch another episode. 
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