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God I have been reading this thread after a much needed several week hiatus from this place and statements like this make me want to vomit. It is so easy for someone who believes there is minimal risk involved with vaccinating to hop on the "It's my duty as a citizen" bandwagon. It's such an easy way to toot your own horn and congratulate yourself on how you are participating in the social contract. All you posters that have said this (and you are all provaxers) can you...
No it's real.....http://dockets.justia.com/docket/pennsylvania/pamdce/1:2012cv00442/88588
I use them. I feel Isaac Golden's research (he is kind of the king of homeopathic prophylaxis) is compelling. I work with Kate Birch who has adapted his protocol. http://vaccinefree.wordpress.com/homeopathicvaccine/
you were there? Im not suggesting things like this happen OFTEN or are the norm by any stretch, but they DO happen and hospital staff do threaten taking away the baby and use fear and cooercion to get parents to do what they want, and to flat out deny that things like this happen (aren't you basically calling this couple liars) just because you personally have never seen it happen in the 8 hospitals you have worked at is kind of balsy frankly. A similar situation happened...
Well OP....you will certainly get nothing but sarcasm and dirision against any and all things that even give off the slightest whiff of being "alternative" from "Orac" I would NOT consider him to be a good place to go for points to this debate at all. The FDA, CDC, etc absolutely. This guys mission is life is the S**T all over anything non-mainstream and he will not be shy about telling anyone who reads his blogs and sites that proponents of alternative therapies (and...
Wow....You don't have to be so nasty. I went back and throughly inspected the thread and Taxi made a mistake. It happens when people use the quote feature and respond to points in a different color type and then someone else quotes that. It APPEARS as if you did say that at first glance, but after taking a closer look, it was actually Teacozy who makes this claim. Information that could have been conveyed without the TUDE. This forum stresses me out. So much hostility  .
I scored a 99. I don't vax.   I look like a normal brunette who bathes regularly :)
You stated in your original post you just wanted to ligthen things up but to be nice. These are just mocking and ridiculous. Maybe you should play by your own rules.
No I don't think I will
No I have not had titers drawn on my kids. Only titers I have had on myself  has been during routine pregnancy bloodwork.   I may at some point when they are older have titers done on my kids. It would be to satisfy my curiosity
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