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Raw apple cider vinegar is what works for me. I take it mixed in water with honey and lemon to make it taste better cause it is kind of gross - but it is so effective. There is no published research on it as with most natural remedies that are considered "folklore". I have also heard Marshmallow root is effective.
I do live in one of the states where the flu vax is required for school- so it absolutely is an issue. It is not necessarily a problem for me since I don't do any vaccines, however it is a HUGE issue for people who don't want the flu vaccine for their children. I know plenty of people here who vaccinate on schedule, but have historically opted NOT to get the flu vaccine for their children. This is no longer an option. Now do you see the problem?   Also I am NOT a nurse,...
I am aware the flu vaccine cannot "cause" the flu - unless it is the live nasal one. What I do believe it can do however is suppress the immune system making one more likely to come down with a variety of nasties. Kind of like how I'm way more likely to get sick after I have alot of sugar.
Funny. The sickest I ever was from the flu (I don't know how many times I've had it since really how often do you go and get tested?? Lots of "flu" isn't really flu but flu-like-illness -  its impossible to say really) was 7 yrs ago. I know it was the flu because I was tested that time cause I was so sick. I had gotten my one and only flu shot I've ever had in my life 7 days prior. hmmmmmmm. I'll take optimizing my vitamin d levels over the flu or the flu vaccine...
Really enjoyed that!   That John guy is hilarious!
Google Dr. Issac Golden if you are interested in studies on nosodes
Yes - enjoy. I for one am pretty excited to keep my vitamin D level at a therapeutic level. Haven't had the flu in 7 years - that's exactly when I started monitoring my vitamin d level and making sure it was in the proper range. - totally coincidental I know 
You want a well-referenced resource that addresses the conflict of interest problem I HIGHLY recommend you read this book.   http://www.amazon.com/Vaccine-Epidemic-Corporate-Coercive-Government/dp/1620872129/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1375733072&sr=1-2&keywords=vaccines
This - and I will add I worry far more about the long term effects on the immune system(which there is NO studies on) than I do about any immediate reactions.  
whatever - you are splitting hairs. Since an infant cannot make an informed choice about what to put in their body - its the job of it's parent to make that choice for them which is why I put or that of your child in parentheses. Wanting something has nothing to do with the point - which is informed CONSENT. I don't WANT to do or take certain things because they may physically hurt or whatever, but I can make an informed choice to do or take that thing that causes me pain...
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