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Gottcha. My son did certain things much earlier than DD. I've learned to appreciate that kids develop and do things at different rates and that's ok. Im sure your guy if fine!
Provide you with the scientific evidence of what? I mean what post of mine are you responding to? The one about the CDC being transparent?    No Thanks. The evidence is out there. It's been posted here time and time again. Its in the archives, its in more recent threads....I find "debating" with folks who present like yourself as counterproductive and actually detrimental to my mental health because I come away feeling like this     . And lets face it....I am a full time...
My daughter who is now 15 months old was the same at 10 months. I honestly didn't give it a second thought and when I read your post thought to myself "ok what's the problem?" I think it's totally normal and I would let your DS develop at his own pace. Just out of curiosity did someone tell you this wasn't normal? Why do you feel it's an issue?   My DD started holding her own bottle, sippy cup and feeding herself about 12-13 months. 
A better label would be "pro health through objective criticism".   Funny that is exactly what I think would be a more appropriate label than ANTI_VAX.    also what's with the yes dear line......so condescending. bad form
I took HSO probiotics throughout both of my pregnancies - both times ok'd by my midwives.    What specifically are you concernedd about?   I think you will be hard pressed to find any concrete studies concerning this as there is very little out there about probiotiocs in pregnancy in general. 
totally off topic but where did you hear this?. This is not true. I have 2 organic mattresses without flame retardants and I didn't need a doctor's note. 
I think you should tell your husband to ask his parents about the measles. I bet they had them and I bet it was no big deal. Have him watch this Brady Bunch Episode that aired in 1969 for a little perspective. Measles was a routine childhood illness that rarely caused complications in healthy children. It wasn't until the vaccine came out and was being used routinely that it was made out to be a killer...
My DS is 5 now. Got sick with a cold the first time at about 4 months old after he started daycare. He was sick quite alot in his first 3 years with colds and tummy bugs, fevers and such, but he is a full-time daycare kid so that is to be expected while his immune system matured and developed. He had 1 really bad chest infection that required a nebulizer and 1 round of abx that I deeply regret and in retrospect probably didn't need. He gets sick less often in the last 2...
This is something that will differ on an individual level as dinahx pointed out. The risk/benefits for my child and family may be totally different than for yours. On a population level a risk/benefit analysis means nothing to me. I am not willing to throw my child under the bus for the good of "society" and that would be if I felt that the benefits outweighed the risks on a pppulation level, which I actually don't. 
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