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It would depend on the cost for us as well, but we'd love an opportunity like that.
I hold myself back on facebook and with friends so I LOVE this thread and this forum!!!!!! I love homeschooling. I love it. I love that I get to spend the day with my daughter. Every day! I love that we get to choose what we do each day. We decide (OK she does) when we get up. I love starting the day reading books to each other in bed. I love being able to relax with a cup of coffee on a rainy morning. I love being able to pack up and go to the park on a...
I'm sure if you decide to homeschool you will want to spend time with people other than your neighbors and the couple of families you already know! You are only limiting your children if you isolate yourself, it doesn't sound like you would do that. DD is 5 and she's dealing with many of the same issues kids in school deal with. A bossy kid in our circle of friends, being excluded by her favorite girl in sunday school, rough language at the playground, a coach who...
We have this in our basement http://www.step2.com/product.cfm?product_id=1301
You don't need a fever to have an ear infection. DD had many ear infections and one sign was that her balance was off. DH would say she's walking like a drunken sailor again, better get her ears checked. And usually she did have an infection. Something there were no other signs. I would absolutely take her to be checked. Falling down the stairs two days in a row and being lethargic would frighten me.
Congratulations!! We're homeschooling too. Enjoy!!
At 3 1/2 she may not really be ready to learn how to read. As much as she wants to, most kids don't read at that age. If she wants to be able to read in order to read to the new baby, I would help her memorize a few of her favorite books.
I worried about this too since DD is an only child, with no cousins, living in a neighborhood with no children (horrible schools). She's 5 and would have started K this year in public school. The last of her friends all started K last week and we're having NO TROUBLE at all with getting enough social time. She's in sunday school. I make sure we're there every week and that we attend every activity we can for families or children. She has a couple of good friends...
The smaller thrift stores here can't take off season stuff, but the larger ones (Salvation Army and Goodwill) will take them.
We went to Chuch E Cheese on tuesday morning. Turns out the local kids didn't start school until wednesday.....oops.
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