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I wouldn't use the savings jar as a way to put off a purchase. All it takes is an overly helpful relative or someone to give him a big chunk of change and your plan is ruined. If you don't want him to have a game system (which I agree is not healthy for a child that young) than you need to stick to your values and say "no".
Click is a great magazine for this age too, we like it better than High Five. It's from the publishers of Cricket. http://www.clickmagkids.com/
Ugh, you warned me! I can't stop looking at the school room pictures.
We've always used baskets in addition to shelves. RIght now we have a wicker basket full of the Magic School Bus in the living room. Last winter that basket held the dinosaur books. Whatever major phase we're going through is in the basket easy to grab. I store holiday books away with the holiday stuff so they don't take up precious space on shelves. So in a month or so when I pull out the fall bin I'll find all our Halloween and Thanksgiving books and decorations. The...
We went ahead with the reading. DD was ready to read at 4 1/2. Now almost a year later, her writing is catching up. I find that when she's ready and willing she learns faster. I don't see any point in frustrating her or myself by pushing something she's just not ready for.
DD was 4 last fall. We had two pair of sweatpants, two crew neck sweatshirts (for playgrounds) a hooded sweatshirt, a pair of jeans, two casual dresses, two fleece pullover tops, several knit pants (leftover from previous spring) and several long sleeve knit shirts (again carried over from previous season). We don't usually get hand me downs from anyone so we're pretty minimalistic when it comes to clothes.
It depended on DDs interest level. Some days she'd want to sit and work for an hour, then do a craft, read stories, other days she'd only want to sit on the floor with blocks or dinosaurs or something. Some weeks she was very into language arts, other weeks she only wanted to do math. I went with her interest. She learned SO much more when it was coming from her. I just made sure I had everything on hand. DD would NOT color either, but this past year (5) she...
No. All kids do not do that. I would have been shocked by the mother's reaction too.
We're in NY so we didn't have to report Kindergarten to the school district. I wanted to keep a record for myself and as practice for when we have to. I bought a teacher record book from the Target dollar bins. Originally I intended to plan out each week, but what worked best for me was to use the planner book to record what we actually DID do each week, not what I wanted to do. For each day I recorded what we did. I included playdates and outside activities so I...
Try meetup.com for a playgroup in your area. Try B&N when they aren't having storytime. My DD almost always finds someone to play with in the children's area when we go. Almost all our friends we've met through organized playgroups on meetup, then we started doing our own thing when we clicked with people.
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