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No way. They can fill up the kiddie pool with the hose. When they're done with the pool the water gets poured on the garden. We splash in puddles, we swim in lakes, wade in streams and rivers, love the ocean, but we don't waste fresh clean water.
I calmly reminded DD that she had to wash her hands if she put them in her nose. She got tired of having to stop and go wash her hands all the time. I also taught her how to use a tissue to clean her nose.
Don't interfere!! It sounds like you are doing GREAT providing them with the material they need to be creative. It sounds like a fantastic environment for your kids. Sure, adult guided crafts look "better". But the long term benefits of your children's creativity and confidence in themselves is so much more valuable. I wouldn't change a thing. Just keep your eye our for cool new things for them to use.
We are huge WDW fans. DH and I went on our honeymoon, our DD(5) has been three times already. (we live in NY). If we could only go in August we WOULD NOT GO! I went once in august. I had a three day pass. After the first day I did not go into the parks again. This was back when tickets didn't expire. It was so hot and humid we were just miserable. And it was crowded compared to off season. If you've never been to WDW there's no way you can plan a trip in a couple...
I love hearing about other families who take out stacks and stacks of books. Our library knows us, but when we visit other libraries in our system they always seem shocked. Library books have their own shelf in my room. They can be taken anywhere in the house, but go back on the shelf when they aren't being read. When we're done with a library book it goes into a huge canvas bag to be returned. We can return books at any library in our system, but if I have dozens I...
We've always done library storytime. This fall DD (5) is old enough to do the lego and board game events at the library as well. They had programs all summer we've enjoyed. We just found a homeschool nature program at a state park in the area. They meet once a month and did a three day program this summer. DD has been doing gymnastics since she was 3 1/2. She tried ballet and modern dance this summer in an intro 5 week program. I think she'll continue in the...
We have enough toys too. DD who will be 5 1/2 at Christmas will be getting a new Betta fish, a real camera (she's outgrown her kid's camera) a good keyboard, a marble run, an outfit for her 18" doll, and a matching outfit for herself and the doll.
Last Sept we started K with DD. For her "1st" day I gave her a matching notebook and folder set. I had a fun craft ready to go since she was ready to start before breakfast. We took photos and made a big deal out of the day. This year starting 1st grade I'm not sure what to do. We'll probably do a field trip for our official first day.
My friend had a 10 pack of small flashlights from Home Depot, she said it was $10 for the pack. The kids had them out during a playdate last week and had a had such a great time playing with them. I thought they would make good party favors.
How about a library program? DD loved the preschool program at the library in the next town over. (ours didn't have one) I started DD in gymnastics when she was 3 1/2 because I knew she'd love it. (she did) when her interest began to wane around 4 1/2 we took a break. She started to show and express interest in dance so she's in dance class now. (she's 5) She's not enjoying it as much as she did gymnastics so we're starting back at gymnastics on friday. We're...
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