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My daughter is 5, for the past 2 years she's been telling everyone she's going to work at the Culinary Institute (in Hyde Park NY) when she grows up. For the first year it was coming out as the "Culinary Inktatute" which was pretty darn cute. Last year she went through a major dinosaur phase and said when the Culinary was closed she was going to work with paleontologists.
I think it sounds off coming from a young child, but it wouldn't bother me from an older child. DH and I don't swear, and our families and friends don't swear in front of children. I didn't hear people swear growing up either. DD says "what the racket". I have no idea where she got that, but we all say it now.
It does get confusing! We started DD with K last fall, she was about 4 1/2. By this spring she was working in the 1st grade books we have. We'll be doing 1st this fall, but she'd be starting K if she were in public school. I'm in NY so I don't have to officially report her until next year when she's 6. My plan is to report her at the level she'd be in in public school. She may actually be working a year or so ahead of what I report, but I want to keep her on track for...
Unless someone asks for a gift idea don't offer it! Your instinct is correct that it's rude. If someone sent me a gift request like that, I'd probably wonder if we were being invited in order to bring a gift, or if our company was truly appreciated. It would seem to me the party was a means to the end (the big ticket item)
I agree that his behavior is perfectly normal for the age. When DD went through a similar phase I simply said, "well I have enough love for both of us". I said that every time until she finally realized there was no pay off for her saying she didn't love me. It's going to take you awhile since he already knows it upsets you.
Party goodie bags get stashed away and brought on long car rides. Everyday coloring pages/artwork gets tossed after a day or two. I have a shelf for stuff I am not ready to toss. Every few months I go through the shelf. Often after some time passes, it losses the sentimental value and gets tossed. Cheap toys get bagged and dropped off at church for the thrift store. We're much more careful not to pick up this stuff ourselves when we're out at community days,...
Reading this with tears in my eyes because my 5 year old is starting the same thing. I never talk about weight. We don't use food as punishment/rewards. We homeschool and tv is still limited to Magic Schoolbus, Curious George etc. My daughter is very tall for her age. She is taller than her friends who are 7, she has big feet and a big head and everything in between is proportioned accordingly. She is not the least bit fat, but she's a big kid. She's strong and...
We enjoy Fancy Nancy! DD (5) hasn't been influenced to wear boas or dress any differently than usual. She does retain the new vocabulary words.
I won't read the Disney princess books based on the movies. We do have several of the Step Into reading type books about the princesses, but without the violence. For instance in one book Belle befriends a pony. In another Jasmine gets a pet tiger. They aren't PC by any means but that was my compromise with my DD.
My DD just turned 5 and she wants to help all the time too. She picks up her own toys, puts her clothes in the hamper, puts her dishes in the dishwasher, shoes away etc. Lately she's been making her own (instant) oatmeal in the morning. She does everything except take it out of the microwave. She washes fruit and veggies, slices them if they can be done with a butter knife. She makes smoothies in the blender. She vacuums, puts clothes in the washer and hangs...
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