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I have an almost 9 month old that also gags a lot with BLW. It was brought up at her 6 month appt. The advice that I got from my ped was if she is gagging don't force the issue. His approach was the more they gag then they get afraid of gagging and will turn down solids. He did say soupy rice cereals ect. are good for babies who gag. I am not a baby cereal sort of person it just constipates my kids to no end so I was making her some runny oatmeal and she did okay with...
WOW! My full term baby is 13.5 pounds and she is EBF! Good job boobie juice!  
My two older children both showed their first teeth at 4 months old. :(
Well she is ahead of Hannah. No rolling here. I just got her to tolerate tummy time (on the floor) this past week. It doesn't last too long but she can hold her neck up when we are holding her. 
So we found out Hannah has grade 4 reflux in both kidneys. :( My oldest also had this problem along with a blockage in her left ureter so as a precaution our pediatrician sent us in for an ultrasound and then a VCUG when it showed a high chance she had reflux. The VCUG gave us the definite diagnosis. We went to see her urologist yesterday and she is starting Hannah on a low dose of oral preventative antibiotics that she will get every day. My oldest ended up having...
I have heard the same thing. When I was trying to lose weight for my brother's wedding in 2009 I started jogging. However, my jog is very very slow. Maybe that is how I lost weight. ;)  
Both of my children had eczema. My son had a rash all over his forehead that seeped. When I eliminated dairy it went away. 
My first did the same thing. She just decided that solids weren't for her. She really didn't start taking solids consistently until after 9 months other than cheerios and baby puffs here and there. 
I don't have much advice but I was thinking of introducing one after my daughter starts taking solids whenever that may be. She has a preference for her hand and thumb at times and I really don't want a thumb sucker. When we give her a pacifier instead her tongue just pushes it out. So I am wondering if after she takes solids it will be easier to give her a pacifier. My whole idea is eventually a pacifier is easier to take away when she is older than her thumb. 
I found this online. When I started seeing my providers for my VBAC I was given a sheet going over the risks of a repeat cesarean as compared to VBAC so I could make an informed decision. They made me sign a sheet as to weather I wanted a repeat cesarean or a trial of labor (I chose TOL and had a successful VBAC in January)   The sheet had risks of VBAC as lower than the risks of a repeat cesarean. :)  
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