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Quote: Originally Posted by A&A I feel that both of this options would create happiness in your life......which do you want more? To move out west- to the coast. Staying here would make my kids happier, is "safer". I feel that the life here is going to be very traditional and that's fine and if I move out west it will still be well and good but more "unusual".
I am newly a single Mom. I have an opportunity to move into the house next door to my mother- she is willing to help me with the kids while I work. I live in the same town in FL where I grew up..............But, I am a RN and could go anywhere in the counrty. I would like to move to the west coast. DO I make this fresh start a real new beginning and move out west or play it safe and move next door?
Millipeeds are signs of transitions. I have been at one birth and one death where there was a single millipede. The house owners were shocked and said they had never seen one before......... kinda neat.
Oh hugs Mamma. I understand how you feel. It is such a wonderful thing to be pregnant and be a mother of a newborn and so much work all at the same time. And, it is nice to plan so there aren't those ambivalant, surprise feelings...... I don't know what to say. Just that you aren't alone in your Mammahood feelings about your fertility. Love and Blessings, Michelle
OMG. You should be SO PROUD of yourself. DIsplay it but on a bed. I still use a quilt my great grandmother made for me when born. It makes me feel my family's love..... all the cloth was old clothes from different members. Anyone who sleeps under that beautiful work of art is sure to have blessed dreams. Kudos to you Mamma.
Wow.... South Korea?!! How did you end up there?? Have fun on the site, WELCOME!!!
Well Searhc has been less than helpful and the people in Tenekee aren't really moving fast on reopening their clinic..... so, Juneau it may be. Tenekee lifestyle is more of what I want though........... Happy Spring.
: WELCOME!!!! :
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