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I have two dogs that I walk off-leash when we are in the park, on the beach, hiking etc (I live in the UK so our laws are different and it is accepted that these areas are leash-free). We've spent alot of time training them so that they do not approach other dogs on leashes (if their off-leash then they can go say hi but under strict supervision) or other people. As long as the dog is well trained I don't see an issue with them being off-leash.
I'm definately alot more domesticated than normal I've been cooking from scratch every night and baking bread for the last month. This week I've been sorting through our junk trying to get everything organised. I've also been on my hands and knees scrubbing all of the carpets! We have two young dogs who have only just gotten the hang of potty training and even though we had tried to clean up after them as we went along the carpets were looking a bit icky so I...
I think I may have a few too many CD's I found a great pre-loved nappy site and ended up buying 50 Motherease BTP (they are in great condition) and MIL has just bought me a gift pack of 15 microfleece pocket nappies so I now have 65 nappies......... MIL is going to be looking after little one when I go back to work at 6months so she is going to take 20 or so of the Motherease's to keep at hers. It felt like christmas when my pre-loved ones arrived - I rushed home...
Hi - you can packs of 100 from ebay. I used the ones that look like little strips of card and they worked great!
I wish! I'm 14 weeks today and although the morning sickness has subsided a bit I'm still exhausted constantly. My midwife thinks that I'm anemic so has sent off some bloods to check but in the meantime I'm stuffing myself with spinach (which I hate!).
Hi, I'm not sure whats it like in your area but the midwifes here are pretty booked up. The midwife attached to our GP likes to see people when they're 8 weeks but I couldn't get an appointment until I'm 12 weeks so it might be worth calling to book your appointment sooner rather than later.
We definately need to talk about it more. My first post was written this morning before I'd spoken to him about it and was hoping to be able discuss training ideas with him but then when I did speak to him he dug his heels in and said that he wants them downstairs from now on. I do think that crate training them properly is a good idea and will help them alot when babe arrives now I just need to convince DP to be patient with it the same way we were with potty training...
I think a part of it is that he believes dogs should downstairs and thats just the way it has to be from now on. He also thinks it would take too long to get them used to being in their crates at night and then gradually moving them downstairs and that it is better and kinder to them in the long run to make the move in one go rather than dragging it out.
Hi, I could really do with some advice from all the experts on here. Our dogs (18month old toy poodle and a 4 month old chinese crested) have always slept in the bed with us and although I love it my partner has never been that keen but has put up with it to make me happy We're now expecting our first baby and as my partner pointed out it's going to be difficult to manage at night-times with the baby and the 2 dogs in the bed with us so would like to have them...
Thats great news - congrats
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