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Cool! The problem i see with the CB is it looks like the diaper isn't smooth on the inside. The diapers I have that are not smooth are harder to spray the poop out of. While I do enjoy my rumparooz it can be quite diffacult to get into the little nooks to spray clean.
My goal is to have the checking less then $50. We're a cash family. And our emergency fund is tied to the checking. A few clicks and money is transfered. If we keep money in the checking, we want to spend it.
My (Navy enlisted ;) Husband wears the camel colored Ergo with stars. He became really excited about the Moby when we bought him a dragon print Moby. But we're looking into other options too. I want a Mei Tai, and a woven wrap. :)
I have two kids from foster care. One was placed at 17 months and adopted by 2. The other was placed at 10 months and is currenty 13 months. I would highly recomended reading some books on attachment. Deborah gray Attaching in Adoptions (excellent start) It will take you and the baby a while to attach to one another. Theres nothing wrong with you not instantly loving the baby. I remember the first time i realized i really loved my 2 year old. Hubby and I were at the...
Your BAH should stay the same. My hubby had a sailor who's mom lived in San Diego. She was considered his dependant and he recieved BAH for her. (loads more then we make up here!) Will you recieve seperation pay as well?
  I wanted to address this. In many cases its not that a family can't come up with the money. Its that comming up with the money will take a long time, and we've already waited a long time. I dont need to have $30,000 cash in order to afford my 2 year old. Its such a frustrating phrase repeated over and over, how many people have that much cash before having a child?    
I totally understand wanting them to be excited. All of our family has been very calm and casual about our adoption choices. However once our daughter came home everyone adored her. It took almost 2 years of being licensed foster parents before she was placed with us. Its a hard road, but SO worth it! :)  
Neither my husbands family nor mine has ever given us a dime for our adoption costs. ($30,000 Ethiopia ) Nobody has. Its been all us. We have told them how expensive it was, and that we didn' think we would be able to make it. They still didn't choose to give us any money. I think if they know about the situation and are not willing to willingly give money, you shouldn't directly ask for it. The adoption tax credit is currently refundable $13,000 ish, i believe through...
Does anyone have a website they like for travel? My 3 person family is looking at a trip from Seattle to Colorado in August. The lowest fares I have found are $250 a ticket, That seems high to me, and its definatly more then I would like to spend! Its been a looong time since i bought airline tickets, is $250 (each) a good price? Our dates are pretty flexible. We're looking to be gone 10-12 days.   Also this will be our first flight with our 2 year old daughter. Does...
You have to do what works for you. My problem was I would look at the lump sum and think MAN thats a lot of money. I can buy this, this, and this. Pretty soon it was all gone. DH gets 2 paychecks a month. Each month I designate a the same amount for spending. Once a week I'll pull out that week's cash. I have to do it weekly because otherwise it looks like a TON of money to me and i start to spend too much. My catagories...
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