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I see this is an older thread being updated, but I wanted to chime in and say when my son started meds (Concerta) for the ADHD, his anxiety also decreased as he became able to handle the classroom setting.  
Last year we drove 30-35 min each way for 1st grade for ds1 and preschool for ds2. If I wanted to spend any time in my home during the school day, it meant dd & I were in the car for 2 hours a day. Ds2 used to cry about being in the car so much. It was soul-killing for me. This year we are 5 minutes from the elementary school and 15 minutes from preschool and I feel there is so much more time in the day! 15 minutes each way would be my max if there is any possible way I...
All matching including serving pieces! I have a few random junky forks & spoons for the kids to take to school if necessary (I'd never let them out of the house with the regular ones!). :-)
Lynn, I cried when I read this story today in my morning paper and also thought of this thread. It doesn't matter how rare an occurrence it is if your child is the victim.
Well, we are taking that leap of faith into the unknown and accepting the job! Dh got the offer yesterday and while we hoped it would be a little higher, we think it will be enough to compensate for the high COL. The job is someplace we've lived before (Bay Area) and we think it has it's pluses and minuses, like just about anywhere, and it's hard to turn down a job in hand. Plus he's excited about the job, so that part is great. Now to start looking for someplace to...
Thanks, Linda, I know from reading your previous posts that you have moved a lot, and it's not the end of the world for the kids, right? Different benefits.   I'm not resistant to the idea of moving, I actually think it's kind of exciting and part of the reason I'm looking for a "reality check" is wondering if I'm foolish for feeling that way. I'm excited for dh to have a great new job, I truly think he deserves it and I want it for him. My biggest hesitation is...
My dh is considering an exciting new job. He hasn't received the offer yet but indications are good that it will be coming this week. It would require moving our family from a moderate cost-of-living area to a high COL area, and away from my family, who are a huge source of support to us with childcare and very close with our 3 kids. Most likely housing scenario would be renting out our current home (which we own but are probably underwater on, given the real estate...
All right, $50 it is, that sounds like a good idea to me. I'm sure it will feel like a lot to her! We do have a lot of chickens (~50) but they free-range in a large secure pasture so I'm not asking her to shovel the coop or anything and food & water is pretty simple. Thanks for the comments!
We are going to be gone for a week, and our 13yo neighbor will come over daily to feed & water the chickens, collect eggs, and feed & water the dog & cat. What do you think would be a fair rate to pay her? She usually comes over to play with my kids as a mother's helper, and I pay her $5/hr for that.
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