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You absolutely have a choice.  No one is holding you in the United States.  But if you choose to live under the jurisdiction of the United States-- by LIVING IN THE COUNTRY-- then-- *sigh*  why do I have a feeling this is not going to get through?   To avoid being under the jurisdiction of the United States government, you will have to remove your physical person from that jurisdiction.  Move.  Choose which country you want to be part of.
This ended up being why we vaccinate.  You totally can find any crazy thing to support any crazy idea on the internet, and my area of study is nothing scientific, so I can probably be easily fooled by plausible-sounding information.  In the end I think it makes more sense to trust people who are thoroughly educated on immunology and vaccination.  I mean I guess I can understand not trusting them if you believe that there *IS* a massive conspiracy to sicken children that...
I'm still hung up on L&Ds being rarely used in hospitals.  What does this mean?
    Ozzy loves his penis.  He doesn't take off his diaper to get at it, yet, but any time he is without a diaper, yes, he is absolutely fascinated and won't take his hands off of it.  Think it's a normal thing.  Hell, most guys never grow out of that.   LMAO at the neeples... Ozzy isn't saying nipples yet, but Emma has been all about them for a while now.  She likes to announce "Ozzy has little nipples, and Emma has little nipples, and Daddy has little nipples, and Mommy...
We're hanging in there.  Ozzy has about a normal vocab at this point, lots of words but not stringing them together much yet.  His conversations with his big sister (who will be 3 yo in 2 days, I can't believe it) consist of her ordering him to do something, and him replying "No.  *head-shake*  Uh-uh.  No."  He probably knows more food words than anything.  He is going to eat me out of house and home, it's so crazy having such a big eater after his sister who I cannot...
That's not how it works.  
I can't bring myself to dignify any of the crazy you're spouting with a constructive response.     Tell me more about the importance of Harry Potter being an orphan.    
The Mark of The/A Beast and Bloodhoung Gang quotes.   The awesome-- I can't stand it.    
New Posts  All Forums: