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Thank you so much, magreen!!! I appreciate you taking the time to respond!
Anyone? Flying blind here and would greatly appreciate any help! Thank you!
Hi all!    NH native currently living in RI, with the possibility of a move to ME very soon.  DH may be taking a promotion in Portland so we are starting a search for nice areas to move our family.  I’ve spent a lot of time in Portland and absolutely love it, but have never looked at it in terms of family life.  We’re AP, natural living, homeschooling, tattooed folks in our late 30’s with two little girls (4 and 1), hoping to find a great house with nice outdoor...
Yes, please join us!  Thanks for posting Molly :)   Kyamo, our group is private so nothing you post there will show up elsewhere on Facebook for you.  Trust me, we're all sorts of TMI over there!!!
DH just bought me a Ford Edge last month.  I had a Camry but wanted/needed more space before #2 arrives.  Three car seats easily fit with no issues whatsoever - I checked it out to be sure in case we want one more kiddo in the future.  I absolutely love it!  We looked at the Flex too but I personally wasn't interested in that much car; not yet at least ;)  If you're not sure about a mini-van I would definitely check out crossover-style cars.  Good luck!
No extra guests allowed at our homebirth!    As much as my mother thinks she "has a right to be there" she does NOT!  Too much nervous/negative energy coming from her that I don't want around me.  Plus she lives two states away so thank goodness for that buffer zone!  My MIL lives 45 minutes away but she would never dream of asking and I appreciate that.  It will just be DH and DD, my midwife and her assistant, and my doula who has also remained a family friend since...
I'm so, so sorry :(
I love my Moby for those snuggly newborn days.  I have a BB Slen wrap that was made into a ring sling from Sleeping Baby Productions that is great when baby gets a little bit older and is super easy for popping baby in and out (I don't use a car seat as a carrier).  Then I have a BabyHawk Mei Tai when we need a little more support.  And after that I LOVE my Beco Gemini.  That will be my go-to carrier for the rest of our babywearing relationship.  I was still wearing DD...
Guess:  Boy Appointment Date:  October 19th - not finding out gender  Its a...   Our anatomical scan is next week but we want it to be a surprise at the birth.  DH and I both have boy feelings and the dreams I've had so far have all been boy dreams.  We'll see! 
Thanks ladies!  I know my MW doesn't freelance, but I do have an appointment with her tomorrow morning so I'll pick her brain to see what she has experienced with other clients.    BTW, I can't believe I'll be 19 weeks on Thursday!!!  Time sure is flying now that I'm not throwing up all the time!    How is everyone else doing?  Anyone starting to get their supplies together? 
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