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@Magda~ We are also in Westchester and I'd love for my kiddos to go to GMWS. I am about halfway through my teacher training but have to stop bc we are expecting baby # 3 in the fall. So great to hear of other families in Westchester Cty going to GMWS!   Madziesmom
You could also check Keepsake Farms on 248 and Valley View farm as well. I think it's valley view? I got their info from a site called www.buylocal.org  I beleive it is for PA and you can put in your zip code and it narrows down the search ;) Hope you find something that works for you!!
Thanks! I live near the Lehigh Valley area. I will definitely check out the two you suggested!    Sarah
Hi mamas!  We recently relocated back to PA after living in CT for three years. My twins are four, un vaxxed. We are looking for a naturopath that is familiar with childhood disease care and support (should we get anything) and also a non vax friendly Ped in the area. We have been kicked out of several offices in the past few years and would really like to find someone who is supportive of APing, extended BFing, co sleeping, non vaxxing, non circ-ing, etc....
First YAY for extended BFing!! =) I used to get asked all the time from people, "When are you going to stop doing that?" THAT. as if I had a bad habit or something??? I nursed my twins until we all communally weaned at 32 1/2 months. and towards the end, I definitely got looks from family members. Most of the women in my extended fam bottle fed and "felt comfortable giving their babies formula" and I would just try to ignore it. I have reached a point where I stopped...
My twin girls will be three next month No vax so far no Autism.. minor sensitivities to artificial colors in food. So we just don't buy that. Tends to come out in a rash and aggressive behavior. Blessings!
I totally agree with xmasbaby7 I didn't choose not to vaccinate because of Autism. I chose to wait because something seemed a little off to me regarding giving a little ten pounder 6 different shots/vax... in real life you will never come up against that many diseases in that form... It just didn't feel right. And the more I read, the more I realized that there was definitely more to know and look for than autism. That was the tip of the iceberg so to speak. When I...
hi there! I am not sure if it is for kids under two, but whenever my kids have a wet cough, Gaia Children's wet Cough syrup really helps. And also, I believe it's called eye bright (?) it kind of dries it up ~ HTH Good luck and hope the LO feels better soon~
You know, we DID see it. And for a second I thought I heard it wrong. Thankfully my kids were in the other room playing blocks at the time anyway. I made my partner go in and listen to it just to make sure I wasn't imaging things. I was very dissapointed. We will not be supporting that show anymore.
My initial reaction is to say, It's not his decision. BUT, that doesn't help you here... it's hard to explain to a man, I think, the maternal instinct we have with our kids. I second Kellymom. and maybe go to le leche leagues website to see if they offer info on the benefits on EBF. I know some of it is phycological from what I remember reading, and sometimes that is really hard for people to latch on to. BUT, I am sending good thoughts your way that it all works out....
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